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Talk TIME, everything okay with you? ūüôā After a long weekend, nothing better than going with Tip, right? GOOD! The posts that talked about¬†men’s Handbags and rucksacks Backpacks¬†have generated enough questions, comments and all, so I decided it would be nice to dedicate a space to talk about the subject, with¬†Tips of backpacks and Bags are in high male, how about? Bora pro post view in detail the trends?¬†

For those who have not seen the contents I¬†Backpacks and bags¬†I’m going to leave the links below, worth reading for inspiration as well:
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And no BS … bora for¬†Handbags¬†and¬†men’s Backpacks¬†that are up. And just below the Tip, s separated several¬†Suggestions of places to buy, it took? GO!
1) Backpack with leather Strips
The model that became popular with the Canadian brand Herschel, won the taste of men around the world and has been getting adaptations of various brands, until recently the brazilian Recently released a very similar model in partnership with the C & a.

The more traditional model of this Backpack: black, with Brown Strips.

This template I even posted on the Blog, is the collab between the West Coast and the Cutterman, look HERE

How about this model of Bag All Black? ūüôā

In the photo above, I (Coriander), with a model of the Banggood Backpack! Did her review HERE

2) hand travel pouch
It’s been a while since Purse and backpack is not just to load things, right? She is part, complete and can be up to featured pro visual. And to travel? How about a hand bag? Really cool to talk to your style in a short trip, you don’t have to take so much or so for hand luggage in the plane and everything.

3) handbag “Barrel”

With sports references, to the practice of exercises, the model gained versions in other tissues: leather, canvas, more casual, to work, to study, to go out, to travel, etc. Pro day to day hectic, with several appointments, how about this option to carry our stuff and make the visual?

4) Male leather BackPack Backpack
Already we can see that the leather doesn’t lose the Bags, briefcases, handbags and Backpacks, huh? And the more we’re using, the more it seems that the play will win a special charm. How about using the template for daily commitments?

5) workbook with Cross Handle
I have very strong reference workbook when I was a kid, back in the years 90, and my father wore a traditional well, quadradona and with a little handle. But it’s more modern Workbag with strips, details, Cross Strap that left more versatile (both to be loaded in the hands, how to become a Postman/Messenger Folder, put on the back, etc.) and can complete very well the formal look.


  • Separated several links where I found good choices of backpack purses and Bags men’s team. Worth taking a look, just click on the names of the stores/brands: Cutterman, Banggood, TeeBags, eBolsas, Tiara Bags, Nordweg, Reliquary, Adidas, Zattini, Dafiti, Kanu, Men’s Market

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EAE team, enjoyed the tips? You are already using some of the models above Backpacks or Purses-man? Leave your opinions here in comments \o