Balau Wood Outdoor Furniture

Decorate a garden from scratch or renew the furniture involves many decisions, different materials and combinations to consider, but today I want to show you all the benefits of using outdoor furniture Balau.

When you think of summer comes immediately to mind the corner of the House cooler than we to shelter from the heat, but if we have the opportunity to enjoy a moment of relax in contact with nature in their backyard, that’s popping up on the horizon desires and choices of furniture or renewal of garden furniture.

Among the most popular materials for the Garden we find the iron and wood, and the choice of the most suitable wood raises many questions: best Woods but expensive or cheaper, but not right at the top in terms of strength.

Wood: Price or Quality?

Prefer quality materials, but often high-cost, or give priority to convenience by sacrificing the quality of the material?

If you don’t know which one to choose, here’s a special wood that might meet your needs with its features, which reflect a high quality at affordable price. Yes, Balau wood allows you to accomplish this and renew your outdoor furniture.

Balau Wood: The Quality of a Tropical Wood

The Balau is a species of wood that grows in Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, also known by various names including the most widespread is Shorea.

The Balau looks like a hardwood and very dense, durable, but at the same time suitable for machining, despite its woven fibers that make it very compact.

Can present a warm coloring of various shades from yellow to Brown, and touch is a coarse texture when not yet processed or subject to specific oil treatments.

Always also used in shipbuilding, the Balau wood is strong, solid and durable, and very often is compared to the most famous Teak.
With the latter shares oil and natural resin that is able to produce to feed and protect them at the same time, but compared to Teak wood Balau has an advantage not just: the fine is usually less expensive than the Balau Teak.

The Ideal Choice for Your Garden

Why should I choose the outdoor furniture Balau?

In the field of outdoor furniture when it comes to wood Balau Teak wood is natural combination, but because this continuous comparison?
As often happens in all areas, using best-in-class take to always reference, in this case the Teak wood, but by comparison with this wood Balau can keep head even more valuable and worthy researched materials.

According to some, in fact, Balau wood has characteristics that make it even higher than Teak, resulting in a stronger and more durable wood.
Many, however, believe that the Teak remains unbeatable, but only for the look of wood: a matter of taste!

Balau wood is suitable for heavy construction and, with the natural oil that it has, manages to keep alive and shiny the surface for many years, until gray hue – only if tend to lack of maintenance.

Outdoor Furniture Balau and Maintenance

As for Teak, Balau wood also requires very little maintenance: thanks to the natural resin of the rich can protect themselves from attack by atmospheric agents and to keep her safe from cracking surface for a long time.
Over the years, however, the wood has a natural tendency to change shape and color, but the presence of wooden skin is not a sign of irreversible damage.

In this case, in fact, simply give a coat of protective oil nourishing and specific to the wood, which will restore the original beauty to your wooden garden furniture Balau.
The simple routine maintenance consists of cleaning from dust with a soft, clean and wet, and in addition to this is well oiled wood Balau at least once a year.
For best results, it is advisable to carry out the drafting of the protective oil in the early and late season.

Balau Wood Outdoor Furniture Ideas

There are several articles for garden built with wood Balau, from tables to chairs, occasional tables to benches or chairs, but in this article I want to suggest some real goodies, are part of our catalogue in stock of items for outdoor furniture.

Instead of the classic wooden chair, and outside the traditional garden sets, choose a Director’s Chair in wood Balau: beautiful, comfortable and durable, for a touch of originality to your garden.

To enjoy total relaxation in your garden consider a solution to rest lay back comfortably on a couch in Balau adjustable with built-in storage drawer.

But if you’d rather spend some time upstate to garden, maybe slipping through relaxing movements mixed bag, you can’t give up a real must for your garden: the beautiful three-seater swing seat in solid wood Balau.

These are just some of the ideas to enjoy your garden in summer taking advantage of one of the best materials for outdoor furniture according to Internetdict.
As you know our catalogue of garden furnishing is very extensive and immediate availability: our items are in stock and this means you didn’t have to wait long for delivery.

Cushions for Your Outdoor Furniture

Cushions for furniture in your garden are the ideal solution to make comfortable and attention to detail your garden set. Even on this you can find a large assortment of products on our online catalog. Start by considering the measurements of your (seat, back rest height and width) and you can easily see the set of pillows that best suits your needs.