Ballasox: Folding And Comfortable Shoes

Sneaker is the type of shoe that makes a lot of success among the chicks! For a casual fashion.

To replace the jump at the end of a party. Salvation for tired feet. To drive safely and comfortable. For brides tired of celebrating and jumping.

Have you heard about the Ballasox shoes? They made the biggest success in the United States and have just arrived to Brazil. OBA! We have Ballasox!

The sneaker of the dancers is the reference and inspiration for the Ballasox models. Be foldable and comfortable of truth are their differentials. Not to mention the shoes are made of good quality material. Also, have a spandex liner that look like a sock engaged in shoe. Some Americans play and say: “slippers with socks”.

Each shoe comes with a packing bag to carry your shoes, keep it safe, or even for travel. This bag is super helpful and practical for a woman’s life.

A sneaker with style to match with serious options, fun or glamorous clothes. For women of all ages.

These shoes are available in several prints (see basic colors, fun, neon print, animal print, vintage, modern. Anyone is a favorite. Basic black is a great success. The silver and the gold are among the Favorites of those who already use and know the brand.

The Ballasox can be found at physical stores across Brazil, or in several stores, including online store of Ballasox. They cost, on average, R$ 99.00.

If you don’t know where to start, my suggestion is that you start with a basic model, a basic color (black, nude). Our site.

Want to know what you think! What did you think of the Ballasox brand shoes? Have you met? What’s your favorite color? Comment!