Bandage Dress Fashion

A strong presence on the catwalks contemporary female is without a doubt the dress adjusted to the body, short, extremely glued to those women for good without fear of a body in good shape and curves well outlined. Get out of your little Princess scene with beautiful embroidered party dresses and well-armed and powerful comes in–a woman fully aware of your sex appeal. For this reason, it comes wrapped in a piece of your wardrobe that gains the suggestive name of dress-bandage (bandage dress) and promises to follow the modern woman as well this season.

Dresses and glued to the body are a plus size classic dress featured on, however, was in the 80 that the bandage dress caused a frisson between women and men (completely seduced by visual curvílio female), when the French brand Herve Leger Herve Leger Bandage, released the body-con look style, ajustadíssimo and modeled the body using strips of elastic tissues and the partnership with designer Max Azria , in 2007, gave new clothes to outfit, taking to the red carpet of the world of celebrities and beauties.

The concept is exactly reproduce the same effect of bandage (elastic strips that are wound around the body) that it’s done in clinics or home environment with dressings or aesthetic purposes.

The dress-bandage–and all its variations–is the most mind-bogglingly sexy a woman’s garment, because your mission is to purposely display your body’s every curve, in a way that cannot be ignored. The dress, for being so righteous and glued to the body, is also one of the least democratic and is a model wrapped in dangers, especially for women who are overweight or even those with ideal weight, but voluptuous shapes and with thick thighs and for those “false” skinny, with wide hips.

That is, without too many risks, it can be sexy and seductive look for those women who are with the body in full physical form.

Let’s take a good look at the world of celebrity betting firm disputes in the outfit, being housewives or not imposing curves: Halle Berry, Hilary Duff, Kelly Rowland, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Nerea Garmendi, Sara Carbonero, Catherine Zeta Jones, Blake Lively, Demi Lovato, Úrsula Corberó, Rachel Bilson y Elsa Pataky. Among the Brazilian, are the devotees Juliana Alves, Alessandra Ambrosio, Deborah Secco, Carolina Dieckmann, Ticiane Pinheiro, Gisele Bündchen, Ana Hickmann and Adriana Bombom.

So, it is estimated that, taking into consideration some important tips, dress-bandage can be your company hot this season.

To ensure greater security for your visual, a little secret is to use a body underneath the dress to hold the chubbiness and delineate the figure. Another surefire trick is always betting on the bandage dress, combined with shoes or high heels sandals or medium.The jump highlights the sensuality of the piece. Forget the balls for this look, because they make your figure look flattened.

Pasted Dresses Styles

In relation to the styles, the dress-bandage is quite eclectic, and can be found in different models and compliments, although the classic and most sensual of all is the short or mini.

This season the bandage dress parade in hopefully, just one-shoulder necklines, short sleeves, long or with handles that make real visual effects and intertwined, among other many options that can help increase self-confidences a women and get the attention you want.

Strapless-Of different necklines found, surely the strapless neckline and V are the ones from the station and with a lot of reason for that. The strapless, besides being seductive, definitely has more visual appeal, resembling to the bandage itself, with the difference to have colors and gorgeous artwork.

“V” neckline – This is a great deception to help balance the silhouette, thins the shoulders and appreciates the lap (without increasing the volume of the breasts), producing a “alongador” effect of the female figure of almost all body types: short, fatties, broad-shouldered, with too much or too little bust and even for those who have breasts well separated. It is also ideal to give a thinner waist effect.

But it’s good to remember that a bandage dress with a neckline in “V” is definitely not advisable for women with long necks, because this region stretches Amol.

Colors and patterns pasted dresses

The colours are important allies to refine the silhouette, especially when they make the game of black or dark tones in contrast with other more clear, the details and cutouts.The same happens with the pattern, whether in floral designs, ethnic, abstract or tropical. Choose colorful patterns and fabrics of dark background, the black is ideal, and the smaller and more discreet you are, the more efficient it will be to cover the excess pounds. The fabric should be light, fresh and with movement, but certainly with enough elasticity to draw your figure.

Even in this aspect of the choice of fabric, an important point is the type of material. The strong trend is the blend combined with colors, for example, and the application of glitter and transparencies on Scrapbook details. Asymmetric cuts strengthen even more the visual effect game bandage “fashion” in the female body.

The color palette is infinite and varied, from smooth (monoblock) to smooth with contrasting details (mainly the classic black and Blanco) and the prints, perfect for the season of light and heat. In fact, the contrasts of details on cuts, grooves and textures, are the best of the current trend.

Bet on the yellow, salmon, green Mint, verdeMint, black, electric blue, yellow, red, coral, nude and purple. For the prints, tropical air (forests, leaves, flowers) and graphics. The candy colors and pastels help reflect the heat.

If you want to invest in a sophisticated style, confident but very seductive, let one of those many models of dress-bandage, with a bold mix of colours cling to their curves!