Basic Tips for Personal Care Appliances

When you go camping, you need to basically the same things that you use on a daily basis in your home, and may eventually give up some “frills”.
Our tip for travel and for use in camp is: adapt the sizes of utensils.
Nowadays, you can find for sale many products similar to those that you use in everyday life, but with reduced sizes, which are ideal for traveling or camping. But even those who do not have a smaller version can be easily adapted.
But why do that? As a general rule, smaller sizes mean less weight and less volume, which can be crucial in a trekking or adventure walk, only with backpack, when every ounce. Of course, if you’re going camping car, with more space and comfort may not be an advantage to make the reduction of weight and volume.
Folding tooth brushes, toothpaste, soaps, small hotel (or small), free sample moisturisers and small pots with shampoo, conditioner and stuff – these products, in size and reduced weight, will facilitate your trip.
Below are some products you should use on a daily basis.
Now see how it is possible to have a scaled down version of them. Folding tooth brushes – can be found at any pharmacy, may not be as effective as the brush that you use on a daily basis, but if your camp is not too long, it won’t be a problem.
Small toothpaste- This image is a free sample, it’s easy to get with your dentist. There are various sizes, some really fine small 20/25/30 grams (which are usually free sample) and there are some others that are sold commercially, which has half the size of a common toothpaste with 50 grams.
Anti-oral septico -is it legal to take, especially on a track or place where maybe the oral hygiene isn’t the best. This small model is sold in pharmacies, maybe it’s not so easy to find, but there is! Once you buy can be using the same jar filling up again whenever you need to.
Folding hair brush -if you use these folding brush are quite practical. There are a few some even comes with mirror. It’s pretty easy to find in shops of hair accessories.
Shampoo, conditioner, creams, sunscreen -small Pots and generics can be used for all kinds of functionality. Look for get pots that have a nozzle that can be filled whenever I need. See below some pots that I often use, according to the need.
Deodorant- Fundamental item in any camp. There are several types of deodorants that are small packages. But Rexona has a particularly small 30 ml only! It’s not easy to find, but there is!As there’s no way to refill when it ends, whenever I find I already buy.
Soap -one of the easiest things to reduce is the SOAP, just take those with hotel, they have a great size and can last a few baths. The only bad thing is where to store it after opening it, since the plastic casing usually rips. A cool tip is to make a tiny SOAP dish, his size!
> Click here to see the how to make a small soap dispenser for your sabonetinho hotel.
Tip for women: maybe in the period of camp you don’t need so many creams and makeup and squats and stuff. We don’t want to indoctrinate anyone, not tell you what you should and shouldn’t take to camp, the only Tip: evaluate what is reallynecessary. Camping is a way to let go of some comfort and social standards. Try to practice it!
For general tips on shower in campgrounds, take a look at the article Basics of Bath.