Beach Bags

Summer is over the shops are already exposing autumn-winter collections, but and this heat? Out and about yet! One of the advantages of living in a tropical country, with this heat is no need to wait for the summer to be able to go to the beach and do it at different times of the year. So, with this heat women are crazy to go to the beach to cool off and display their looks with bikini / bathing suits with the latest summer trend, but we can not forget them … The beach bags!

If the hustle and bustle of day to day bag is an essential accessory for the feminine wardrobe to carry all the things that women need in their daily lives, on the beach, the attachment could not be different.

Since beach bag’s main function is to ensure comfort and well-being in time to enjoy the sea / pool, and also beautiful when parading her around. Funny how old they were not as concerned, barely saw the talking or parading around with beach bags in the hottest season of the year, only knew the bags made ​​of straw and always with the same models and made ​​only of straw, without nothing different and that only served to load the basic kit of summer.

This scenario has changed and now is becoming more common day we observe releases for fashion summer annual, different models are always released, to let the look incremented. Currently, you can find versatile models as it has to be and the accessory can be found in various sizes, colors, materials and prices which makes the accessory current ‘hit’ season or year if you live in hot regions can therefore, take her more often closet purse.

It is important to remember that before you move a store to buy your bag, you should pay attention to important details not to miss on your choice and make ugly. Because even in distracted environments such as beach or pool of a club, for example, its production should not lose the charm so that you pretend to be beautiful and elegant.

Thinking about your own style helps you choose the bag as you, for example: the sexiest women can choose to print animals bags, or until golden, the most creative and joyful women can bet on more colorful handbags. What about size? Preferably, large size to fit all your summer essential kit, which will give further on some directions.

The most common materials in the beach bags are straw, canvas, neoprene or pet for being lightweight materials and suitable for the environment, as well as beautiful, have the station face! Remembering or thinking about leather bag!

Another advantage of the Beach Bags: ally to women who could not get in shape at the station.And you reading this may be asking “Really? How?” Very simple, the trick is also in the way it is charged, because when it is set at the height of the stomach, the bag back looks to this region, always carry it by hand, as well, have attention to your around diverted from the belly and go to the legs, this tip also serves for those with hip topping and not bother with it especially in the summer.

Beach Bags

And most importantly: What to take in the beach bag? It is common for women to carry a real survival kit in their bags, but it is important to remember that before filling it first think of the necessary items to enjoy the sun without major concerns.

First essential items to have in your beach bag:

  • Sunscreen for the face, body and hair. Yes, the hair needs protection, scalp contact sun for long burning and hair become dry, dull and lifeless.
  • Suntan lotion
  • Sunglasses
  • Bottle of water
  • Water thermal. It is rich in minerals and is good for the face and body, helps in healing the skin and ensures a feeling of freshness to the skin.
  • Visor / Cap / Hat. Protecting the strong sun head is very important!
  • Lip protector
  • Canga / Beach Towel

Now girls play, enjoy and very good beach for you!