Beautiful Garment Dresses.

The dresses for gifts have characteristics that can not be missed, they are beautiful, flashy and dress very elegantly. And they are the typical garments of southern Brazil, more precisely Rio Grande do Sul. This is one of the only states in the country that still preserves its culture, is characterized especially by clothing.And for you to know exactly how it is we are going to some tips on dress models:

The garment dress should cover the entire leg, and appearing prone from the leg can make the look ungainly for both children and adult women.

They are found in many models, but need to have sleeves ranging from short, ¾ or long. The sleeves can still be buffers and bring details into lace.

Light shades and plain colors are the most suitable colors for the models. Flamboyant colors and prints should be avoided. Exceptions are only made for small gifts that can use small and discrete prints.

Adjusted to the body these models have rounded skirts with frame to give the movement at the time of dancing.

The neckline should not be large and the collars vary between priest, rounded, square necklines among others.

The footwear to wear with dresses for gifts, should be low and in light tones or the same color of the dress, and can be type boots or sneakers.