Berta Bridal Gowns 2016

Discovering the dresses Berta 2016, the elegant and refined collection for a bride who loves to feel sexy even in the happiest day of her life. The Berta’s wedding dresses | S 2016 are indeed designed for a sophisticated woman who does not want to abandon their feminity seductive, uncovering her back and showing off ample cleavage.

Lace, Rhinestones, crystals, necklines and aftermath: a perfect match for the wedding day, to be worn with class! So the collection Berta Bridal spring summer 2016 offers stunning wedding dresses with unsurpassed and unique sensuality.

The pattern that all future brides seek is to able to perfectly embody their own personalities to feel special, but at the same time extremely women. The brand Berta Bridal addresses all those who want to look feminine and sensual at the time of the fateful Yes.

In the are sure to be the Mermaid wedding dresses, super sleek flanks to enhance the curves and accompany the silhouette. Participating models, in fact, are one of the distinctive aspects of bridal collections Berta, precisely because they are able to accompany the female lines starting from the bodice and coming up under the knees, where it often opens a wonderful skirt with train.

The amplitude of the queue of wedding dresses from the new collection Berta widens into many models and the profile of the skirt is enriched with important details, like a zigzag pattern that creates some real tips, or a pleasant wave moving through a particular type of seam.

The wedding dresses collection Berta 2016 also has models from large wedding dresses by Princess, always appreciated and very romantic, designed just for brides who like to be poetic and dreamy on her wedding day. Some dresses are definitely voluminous tulle using sopragonne attached at the waist and hips in an excellent way.

Stand out even the dresses with deep V-necklines in the middle of the chest, often reaching the abdomen and that are perfect for those who have little breast and wants to be sexy without being never vulgar. There is no shortage of wedding dresses Berta with b-side openings that they discover almost entirely back, enhancing its beauty and making it precious thanks to decorations and shiny details.

The fabrics are mostly bright and sparkling, made of lace, Rhinestones, pearls and crystals, all essential elements to give light to the bride. In particular, are very delicate and fascinating the dresses with beaded embroidery adorning the tops, skirts and the aftermath, and which in many cases are combined with layers of lace and tulle thus creating a charming mix of matter.

Wonderful also rencies games that give a glimpse of the skin the right, creating a hazy effect very elegant yet seductive, with sheer fabrics are sometimes offered on the back and sometimes on my chest. Original and taste even the veils, jackets and capes in tulle covering your back slipping gently on the body. Among the creations of this type certainly stands out the long and very lightwedding Cape in tulle and lace, embellished with crystals and fabric applications that create a great speckled effect covering the arms and shoulders with extreme elegance.

In the gallery you can appreciate the sophisticated models of Berta collection Bridal PE 2016 to choose theperfect wedding dress to wear on your wedding day to make a bride class able to surprise the groom and wedding guests in elegance and style.