Best Dress for Curvy Girl

If you have a morphology known as “round”, the dress is a key piece of your wardrobe. By following this guide, find the model best suited to your body.

To help you choose the dress that will put your assets, writing offers you the ideal formula to curvy women.

Women big and round
The cut of the dress depends on the size and morphology of the one who wears it. A woman round and big will build on a dress short waisted, but never mini. This outfit will be accompanied by heels for those that do not exceed 1, 70 m. It is wrong to think that the curves can be hidden by wearing a loose dress. On the contrary, a model close to the body, but not too tight will do. On the other hand, for those who have generous hips, Cristina Cordula fashion consultant and presenter of the show Queens of shopping suggests a flared or a-line dress.

The morphologies in 8 and A
Women with a morphology in 8 with rounded shoulders, pronounced hips and a marked size will be more comfortable in dresses blouses or sweaters or way vintage dresses at AndyEducation. In this case, wearing a belt is recommended to highlight size and avoid the bag. For the silhouettes in A or women with a menu bust and hips and thighs wider, a trapeze dress, following the line of the body is the most appropriate. For all the curves, the dresses with sleeves”Butterfly” can well structure the silhouette and harmoniously developing a flexible and fluid form. Finally, cleavage, nice, should be unveiled without showing them off too. Prefer then a not too Slinky wrap dress.

What color is preferred?
Black is known for its slimming side, but to bring a note of cheerfulness to your outfit, dare flashy accessories like a red bag or iridescent pumps. Big ethnic jewelry or large accessories will also be welcome. Out of the box, white is back and has the privilege to soften the silhouette.
Note that the White is back and there is therefore no reason to keep the women in black.A white dress brightens and softens the silhouette. The print dress is not outdone if you choose wholesale printed at the expense of the small patterns.