Best Dress for the Holidays

Looking for the perfect dress for the Christmas parties and new year’s Eve? Then take a look at this model crashed in taste of celebrities (and mine!)

Choose the perfect dress for the holidays has never been easier. Whether it’s for Christmas Eve or new year’s Eve, a trend called the attention on the fashion weeks, not only in Brazil, but also in large trends, pioneering cities like New York, Paris, London and Milan.

Got curious? Big brands gambled (and just hit it!) on the ground shoulder trend – or the good and old acquaintance, “one shoulder only”-but this time with a difference: the manga in question is fully covered.

I myself am a fan of this model in a dress and I got two to call mine. And it’s not hard to understand why I love: one shoulder dress long sleeve only is perfect for those a little more formal occasions where we socialize with friends and relatives, being sexy and elegant in the right measure.

And more: with the high temperatures of December, he ends up creating the perfect balance, right?

Another advantage of a shoulder-sleeve only is that he not only can, as should be used in different vintage dresses. Colorful, with bufantes or embroidered sleeves, just take a peek in the models paraded in collections of Isabel Marant, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Moschino and Balmain to realize that is accompanied with many ties, Ruffles, lots of color or even glued to the body, there is always a version perfect for your style.

Ever notice how, in some cases, the covered part of the sleeve of her dress resembles a glove? This trend makes the look more modern and full of style, without losing that footprint more feminine. Be colorful or models in nothing basic little black boys, this type of dress is the perfect model to celebrate the holidays the way it should be. Full of grace and personality.

For more flowers, can replace the dress for top and skirt sets, or top and pants mom jeans, since the top keep the trend intact: a single sleeve, shoulder to the cuff. What do you think?

How They Use
The trend of dress one shoulder long sleeve just came so hard that it took not to fall into the thanks of celebrities. If you still need inspiration to use this model, take a look at these pictures I separated especially for you.

You going to bet?