Best Nightlight for Baby

It is usually part of the basic equipment when parents prepare for the baby’s arrival. There are of all sorts, for all tastes and at all prices. She’s the pilot, of course!

But, as with many purchases blow of heart before the arrival of a child, one is entitled to wonder if this one is really so essential that!

As Light would say, in Beauty and the Beast: “There is a for and there is against…” (yes, I know, my references are too high!)

So let’s see which one, yes or no, prevails.

First, let’s be clear, the first weeks, even the first few months, is more useful to parents than to children! Yes Yes !You will tell me that you do not need light to fall asleep, and it is surely true, but the night light is not there for that.

In fact, it serves you to locate yourself in the minefield that is a room. For a toddler, it still goes, although the furniture is traitors and like to take the toes by surprise; But for the biggest, thank you Lego, Playmobil, and other pointed figurines planted in the feet … All without screaming, you soon realize that a small light does not only move monsters away, it saves your life!

You can then feed him at night, without having to light the light and thus facilitate the recouching. Later, you will appreciate the fact that your child goes to the toilet alone with his light, rather than calling you.

But Baby in all this … He is not afraid of the black. On the contrary, this darkness reminds him of his intra-uterine life and if, in addition, he hears your voices and the sounds of the house, it suffices him to be happy.

Also, let’s not delude ourselves, a newborn, the first few months, does not fall asleep alone! No, no, forget the myth of “I lay my baby gently in his bed and he falls asleep, calmly, without me. “. An infant has a real need of his / her parents, their warmth, their smell, their voice, and especially to feel accompanied in the sleep. In short, you will serve more often as a cradle than his bed! You are his dreamer, without comparison!

In From 2-3 years, fear of the dark can begin to install. This is normal and often disappears later. At this age, children have the cognitive development necessary to imagine stories. The day is great, but at night it is horror: monsters in the cupboards, wolves under the bed, ghosts at the window; The child does not yet control his emotions and sensations, then everything is amplified and it is the galley to sleep them! Pediatricians and psychologists cut short all debate: persisting in leaving a child in the dark will only intensify the terrors, and the bedtime phase will be all the more difficult. A light, sifted, diffuses, allows to reassure them by putting them immediately in a familiar place.

The pilot should not exceed 40 lux, otherwise the visual stimulus may be too large and this will disrupt the sleep. It is also advisable to respect the day-night phases. Even if the child sleeps during the day, be careful not to over-darken the room and at night, not to illuminate too much. All this to allow a synchronization of the Baby brain with this time cycle.

Sometimes the night lights also make music. The lullabies, soft, calm, soothe and facilitate the falling asleep.This melody will remain in the unconscious of the baby and, later, it will still bring this feeling of calm and will continue to soothe it. The adult will always appreciate the lullaby “of his childhood” and we note that the parents most often choose for their children the lullabies that they were being small.

Tip: During pregnancy, do listen regularly to your baby the music you have chosen for the rock, with a helmet resting on the belly for example (! The volume must be reasonable), it will react more often and Will recognize it once out! Fast appeasement guaranteed!!

The last point can be problematic: forgetting! A rechargeable or battery-powered nightlight can reserve you this surprise, how joyous, to be unloaded … A forgetfulness of reloading or an outfit too weak and it is catastrophe!

I do not even talk about the environmental side of a battery-powered pilot, the planet thanks us in advance.

The nightlights to plug directly avoid this problem, but pose another: transport! It is enough that you leave somewhere and it is damn; Unless you have electricity on site. Or you’re thinking of taking her away and you forget it over there.

To conclude: The pilot is and remains a must. It serves everybody, at any time, at any age, but you have to pay attention to certain things. The lullaby remains an option, pleasant and effective, but not absolutely necessary.