Best Skirts for Body Type

This is not because the weather is rain and grayness need rencarder our dresses and skirts in the closet. The winter also can wear the skirt if you know how to choose according to its morphology . They tell you everything!

All skirt!

Even if it’s chilly in well into October, out of the question to spend this fall-winter 2015/2016 pants! Never mind, we put on fine pantyhose large size and a nice pair of shoes is wide calf boots with our skirts!

Waiting to see what the eshop Dutch Our site reserve us for the end of year festivities casually come apace,

Best Skirts for Body Type

let us on the skirts of the collection corresponding to each large morphology.

What skirt as its morphology?

Women dress in size have well have their curves in common, it’s not as long as they are all made on the same template.

Just as thinner women, they also have different morphologies that make some cuts will wear the more value than others.

The Silhouette in h

The morphology of H is characterized by a similar width hips and shoulders with a non-existent size.

To highlight your silhouette, according to Songaah, opt for a rather short skirt and straight or a Basque model to bring the volume to the hips.

To structure your figure, choose a jacket rather short. Avoid wearing clothes adjusted to the size or large belt  at this level to attempt to create the illusion.

The Silhouette in o

You have a morphology O if you are quite round everywhere with quite this belly. Generally you pretty thin legs, the skirt is therefore a good ally for you.

Prefer skirts maximum length knees even shorter if you dare ! On top, the peplum shape will fit you perfectly as the Basque will camouflage your tummy. Consider also the V-neck to elongate the silhouette or to wear a long necklace.

A Silhouette in

Generous hips and narrow shoulders define a relatively morphology A . To erase belly and hips, the trapezoid shape is ideal.

The right form you will as well, rather wear the top with a blurred bumped into you make lightly blouse to accentuate your waist. Add a jacket or cardigan to complete the look.

The Figure 8

The lucky the morphology 8 have a well defined waist with the hips and bust of the same width and a rather generous chest.

Put your size by value by using and abusing the waist or high waist. Feel free to dare the crop top and avoid wearing your high let loose on your skirt unless you have a complex on the stomach .

La Silhouette en v

If your legs are fine, your hips are narrower with rather square shoulders, you definitely have a large breasts and therefore a morphology in V.

Your legs are a real asset that is worth highlighting with a skirt that will bring the volume to your lower body to rebalance your silhouette. Pockets, tulip shape, fringe and ruffles are for you!

For autumn-winter 2015/2016 while femininity, her skirt to each according to his morphology and especially his desires!