Best Underwear for Pregnancy

Let’s discuss what to wear under your clothes during pregnancy: what is the most suitable underwear? What is best to keep in contact with your skin?

To begin with the General Council, which is always, but even more so when you are pregnant, it is use natural fabrics because they are breathable, soft and comfortable.

Each has their own preferences in terms of laundry, but for sure the comfort like at all, then pamper yourself: maybe you’ll discover a world of ease and pleasure that you won’t want to leave.

The BRA during pregnancy

A good pregnancy bra that accompany the physiological growth of the breast can make the difference between a sine crossing unscathed motherhood and a deflated balloon for which later will try sadness, sadness.

Your breasts will change very soon, newly pregnant, buy two brassieres made of pure cotton of the measure you have achieved, with adequate support structure: one white or flesh-colored and one black. When necessary will be enough to wash them in the evening and put them back in the morning, if they don’t have padding will dry quickly.

The slip in pregnancy

Still, cotton, cotton, and cotton. Take the model is comfortable, from the Italian, classic briefs, Culottes, but pick the cotton.
Be careful to cut at the waist, better get dropped for using them until delivery.

The tank tops in pregnancy

I used them like hotcakes: in the cold to be protected under the clothes, the heat for not putting anything else in the House. Also in this case nothing different from cotton and if you want to use them until the end, best pick long templates, or search for them in the Maternity Ward.

Undergarments in pregnancy

For me it remains a head of lingerie also crucial during pregnancy, but of course it is a matter of taste and lifestyle.
If you wear much clothing (and I strongly support them), the petticoat is indispensable to slide naturally Akimbo tissues in spite of all the new and old protuberances. Also a nice petticoat serves as a Nightgown.

The ideal is the silk slip which let slip beautifully all tissues, is cool in summer and warm in winter, it is comfortable to the touch and has a valuable impact both to the eye and to the touch. Alternatively, avoiding cotton, which instead produces friction with the upper layers of skirts, you can search for cotton and viscose petticoats: fit well and are much cheaper.