Bizarre Trends: The leggings Men!

From overseas is coming the most bizarre among the trends of recent years. Yes, men may wear leggings! Have your say on this controversial new fashion!
You thought the pants-tights of a man it was a question now archived, a tragic chapter in the Renaissance fashion? You thought it was just an extravagance stage of star caliber David Bowie and Steven Tyler? Well think again! It ‘s coming from the USA a male tendency which, we are certain, we will precipitate the sex appeal thermometer in free fall below freezing. Hear lawfaqs: born meggings or leggings like a man!

You’d better believe it girls, they have already been spotted on Justin Bieber and Russell Brand who often wear them as substitutes to jeans. In addition, they want reliable rumors already entered in the collections of the most important designers and soon we could see them treading the catwalks of Paris, Milan, New York and London, and at the same time, we could see them arrive in the shops of the leading fashion chains low-cost. Yes, the “threat” is realized every day and also looming on Europe!

It’s not news that some women they so abuse and to this we have become accustomed, but the question is: can we ever get used to seeing those polpaccioni beefy wrapped like sausages in a good stretch fabric metrata? We really do not believe .