Brazil and Peru Enter the Contest for Dominance amazon

It will not be so easy for outsiders of the US company Amazon get the domain termination (gTLD). amazon by the ICANN, the highest body for distribution of domain names. The governments of Brazil and Peru have filed complaints with the entity responsible for delegating gTLDs asking the amazon be reserved for pages related to Amazon.

For the Brazilian and Peruvian governments Danger of the company Amazon take. amazon and not allow their use “for purposes of public interest related to the protection, promotion and dissemination” related to that considered largest biome on the planet.

The term “Amazon” So, in English, is part of the name Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization, an entity that coordinates the Amazon Cooperation Treaty signed in July 1978. In other words, much older than the giant foundation of e-commerce in 1994. They are part of the portfolio areas of the company: (United States), (Germany) (Italy), (UK) and (France).

Amazon did not comment officially on the subject.

ICANN initiated auction of domain endings. To participate, the company must ensure the technical capacity to manage a domain, and pay large sums for the internet agency. Among the most disputed areas are the .book and .app.

According to information TechWeek, Amazon proposed to manage 76 gTLDs, while Google wants 101 domain endings – not counting those in which companies compete with their peers.

Now the question is whether prevail the history and importance of the Amazon, which already considered the “lungs of the world”, or the economic interests of the Amazon. Certainly Jeff Bezos, CEO of the company, would take good advantage of a specific gTLD for e-commerce operations spread in various territories.

Some vehicles of national information support that Amazon intends to commence activities in the country next year.