Butterfly Fashion Trends

The butterflies are beautiful and have always been a source of inspiration for fashion, for the designers and also for all of us. Butterflies are one of the coolest trend of ‘summer 2011, we find them almost anywhere, on designer clothes and low cost, on the shoes, the handbags and even the accessories, I believe that, combined the right way, and without exaggeration, these leaders can create looks fabulous, feminine and very romantic, perfect for all of us from the days went by those glamorous for the evening.

The garments decorated with the press with butterflies are pretty trite, are sometimes exaggerated but I think with a solid foundation of good taste, you can create looks really interesting. The secret to avoid mistakes is not to overdo it, if you can control your impulses that often lead to exaggeration, you can really do wonders. So the number one rule is that only a leader must have the butterflies, and then choose which abbinateci things minimal and plain, especially in white or black . The clothes we offer them in deluxe version as Loewe, but also low-cost like Zara, Topshop and Asos. Click this link for how to iron a shirt.

Green light also to accessories, such as scarves super romantic Zara or maybe the delicious open toe dancers Aruna Seth decorated with a butterfly Swarovski white. Also the beautiful clutch Chanel in the shape of butterfly, a truly romantic and chic accessory. If you want you can also choose costumes decorated with butterflies, such as the bikini romantic of Asos with multicolor butterflies. I love this trend, and you?