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The word comes from the ancient Greek’s word “amethystos”, translated “The noise tightness gene acting”. It was thought that the carrier with amethyst stone is immune against the intoxicating effect after drinking alcohol. There are purple sometimes bluish stone that can be translucent, pure and transparent purple, many legends and myths about this. Find best prices online as well as at the jewelry store here.

There are many legends and stories surrounding the striking stone from the quartz family. One thinks the ability of this purple gem is to protect from evil and negative thoughts, to relieve homesickness and to protect even against sorcery. The amethyst enchants people with its alluring colors for many centuries.

Amethyst ring

The stone is a purple minor variation of quartz. In addition to pure violet, some purple stones also come spotty cloudy or colorless to dark purple variants. There is no more beautiful violet, than that of the amethyst. There is also nothing better worked as a large amethyst ring as a solitaire and this includes the classic amethyst stud earrings. But the most important thing is that only genuine amethysts are in gold or silver, with brilliant-cut diamonds, diamonds or Swarovski crystals, and as usual at a bargain price, which is up to 50% below market price, studied by bridgat.

Buy Amethyst Jewelry Online

Primarily, this stone was created at temperatures between 100 degrees Celsius and 255 degrees Celsius and traces of iron, which gives it the striking purple color. Emergence of an amethyst Druze: a cavity is filled with amethyst crystals. Locations of amethyst are: Madagascar, Paraguay, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Russia and even Austria. In Brazil, you will find the most beautiful amethyst Druze. There’s nothing better as a glowing, purple amethyst ring in a gold ring or gold pendant processed into jewelry to see.

But most importantly, that you can buy here in real silver, real gold and as usual up to 50% below list (EIA).

The Amethyst - violet, purple, blue purple, purple, sometimes lilac-2


Amethyst earrings and healing powers

The amethyst is used mainly for jewelry-making – it makes sense. The scholar Hildegard von Bingen the amethyst as 12 cornerstones assigns (great Heilkäfte) as he is more and more in demand as a healing stone in recent years. In pain, Amethyst is said to have regenerative abilities, which helps the body, very helpful to the immune defense. For example the Ametyhst is designed to help cope with grief, even nightmares can be chased away if you put it directly under the pillow or wearing amethyst earrings.

There is rarely a beautiful myth of its emergence as the amethyst:

“It is that of the God of wine”Dionysus”among the Greeks, someday Bacchus of mortals felt disrespected by the Romans and so vowed to take revenge on the next person, he would encounter. This was a young, innocent girl called Amethyst. Dionysus filled his glass with wine and sent two tigers, which should devour the girl. He wanted to attend the spectacle. All-seeing goddess Artemis came to help the beautiful Amethyst and turned the girl into a crystal statue. This saved Amethyst from the claws and teeth of the tiger, but the magic could not be undone. Dionysus shed tears of remorse when he saw this and when he collapsed, he spilled the wine over the statue. So the purple gemstone amethyst was founded.”

The Amethyst - violet, purple, blue purple, purple, sometimes lilac-3


Amethyst pendant and what it is composed of

This myth can be used to explain the name of the stone. He comes from the Greek word “amethystos” which means as much as “prevent drunkenness”. The smethyst is one of the real crystals. Quartz is a real mineral consisting of silicon oxide. The beautiful bright color of amethysts goes back to deposits of various metals. Color giving the quartz crystal lattice defects, where iron (IV) ions with oxygen are besieged. The purple color of amethysts can be very bright, slightly pink or violet also vigorously. The amethyst is well defined, some fairly large crystals. That can be quite short to long prismatic. You will find beautiful of its kind in Druze. These are cavities in the rock in which the crystals can grow freely. One finds the most beautiful Druze in Brazil; they can reach man’s height.

The crystals of the amethysts are always transparent to translucent and either have a vitreous or fatty luster. Because amethyst is one of the crystals, it has a Mohs hardness of 7, as this mineral also. If it is compared with the diamonds (Mohs hardness 10), the amethyst is a very hard mineral. You cannot split it, but it happens sometimes that it is brittle. Amethysts are widespread throughout the world. However the reduction is not worth everywhere. Such occurrences are located in Brazil, Uruguay, Namibia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Morocco.


What is amethyst pendant

Amethyst crystals are formed mostly in cavities in volcanic rock. Amethyst can be found also in Germany. The most famous German site is located in Idar-Oberstein, the Steinkaulenberg. However, the mining there was banned. Today, the site is used as a mine. Whoever wants to admire these beautiful crystals in its most beautiful form should go in the Austrian town of Maissau, close to Vienna. The largest amethyst deposit here is located there in Europe and a part of the mining tunnel is accessible for visitors.

As a result of the creation myth of the amethysts you looked at the stone in the ancient Greece as a protector against false friends and in particular it should protect against drunkenness. Already in the Old Testament, the amethyst was mentioned as a protective and saint stone. It should be part of the wall of Jerusalem. Today, the gem in the jewelry of the Bishop and Pope rings can be found. The ancient Egyptians produced among other Scarabs from Amethyst. This should protect the wearer from injury.


Amethyst silver jewelry

Also in Central America, the stone was estimated. The Incas and Aztecs saw the eye of God and the stone of creation in him. It was worn as a talisman or amulet. Even famous people like Pliny and Konrad von Megenberg already mentioned the amethyst. The latter wrote in his German natural history: “The amethyst is one of twelve selected stones of the Apocalypse.” It is interesting to know that the amethyst is used by name repeatedly in art. Most of the amethysts are painted in paintings, if a gem is pictured. It stands for wealth and noble. Even in the film “LOTR”, it is represented in the form of a female Hobbit: Amethyst Bolger. Even a band has become to own the name, “Amethyste” released four albums on the market. Usually, the Amethyst jewelry in silver is processed.


Amethyst jewelry in history

This gem has something very special. It was already pointed out that he should help against drunkenness. That is not the case, even those who appreciate the amethyst, know that by now. You contributed Greeks the stone but also against magic and evil thoughts. Already Hildegard von Binge knew the healing properties of the amethysts and put him in fat or impure skin. The stone should strengthen the tissue, streamline and better retain the moisture. It prevents dandruff; in addition it is intended to promote the growth of hair. Amethyst water is used for warts, insect bites, itching, bruising, sunburn, redness, skin fungus, eczema and similar injuries. The water is applied to the skin, it relieves the individual complaints. The amethyst in alleviating headaches and Migraines is said to have a good effect. It can be placed or erected in the space directly on the head. So you have a beautiful amethyst pendant from our silver or gold collections.

The pancreas should be stimulated by the amethyst, that’s why it also helps in diabetes. Patients with too high or too low blood pressure, anemia or blood disorders can hope for relief by wearing an amethyst. It is capable of diseases of the lung and respiratory tract and errors of the intestinal flora to eliminate. You put an amethyst at night under his pillow; you will certainly find a restful sleep and flit the next day and energized to get up.


Amethyst jewelry and the effect is esoteric

But not only has this gem relieved of physical complaints, it is also beneficial to soul. It promotes relaxation and tranquility and helps people inner balance. It opens minds and makes room for rational decisions. The analytical mind is sharpened by the amethyst and let people tackle tasks with concentration. The amethyst is able to better process grief and open views for the future. It strengthens will, perseverance and makes people strong for hectic, stressful everyday life. They say to him that it strengthens friendships. Friends exchange amethysts, then their friendship remains as long as possible and they are mutually exclusive in the possession of the stones. Numerous magical properties are attributed to the amethyst. So it should help process worn, the wearer to his right, it is supposed to protect the poor people, burglars and thieves, it is to protect fields against locusts, storms and hail, bishops wore a silver ring with an amethyst, which should preserve your chastity and sincerity on the third finger of her hand.

Amethyst bracelet and amethyst necklace

This list could be continued by some miraculous properties. Derived from the initially described myth of the creation of the amethysts, there is also an old Greek saying: “an amethyst is the stone, I am Bacchus drinkers. Either he’s teaching me sobriety, or he learns the drink.” The amethyst is a gem, which is processed in many beautiful jewelry pieces and fantastic looks in any case because his strong coloring kick him always especially in appearance. This gem is added however, that it is situated in rooms as ornaments. A beautifully grown crystal or a Druze is always an eye catcher in any case.


Amethyst purple earrings

You will find in extensive collection of amethyst jewelry, simple bands of amethyst or amethyst necklaces and of course matching amethyst earrings. The amethyst is processed in silver rings, silver pendants, silver bracelets, earrings-silver, and silver chains. Sometimes very simple amethyst is used with fashion jewelry.