Buying a Leather Dress

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Last week during a regular session of personal shopper with one of my clients (she has endurance and historical baggage to my side), I propose a leather dress.

Must say I’m on a little teased nature…

Lola smiled at me (she doesn’t know yet that she me here opens a door, unlike the “no franc and macif” it takes to argue).

Lola-This is a joke?

Me-well, Yes. Of course.

Lie for lie, I suggest a quick fitting “just to see”.

7 days and a Lola call later. Leather dress hit him in the eye (ouch)… ‘ But how can I wear it? .

Leather dress is actually a good buy if one chooses a rather classic cut. It will become a basic dressing both classy and timeless we will keep for years.

But before any purchase there are fatal to not commit errors.

Leather can’t stand bad taste. It is easy to be sexy but you can quickly be beside the plate, the terrain is ultra sliding and falling fast. (Sexy attention does not rhyme with vulgar).

To avoid being too-daughter of joy, we run so the ruffles, the frilly, too plunging necklines, casting it, imitation leather, the David, the skai and other technical innovation in… material. Ornaments (zips, pins) trash of owls concepts…

to forget!

Leather is a strong material that does not need it to tease her. Quite the opposite.

We accompany him tights opaque or wool, generally it’s more chic. Never a sticky flesh (small unhappy).

Feet and during the day a beautiful pair of flat boots, moccasin, Richelieu, boots or why not sneakers. At night we can dare to have Vertigo.

Is reasonable with the white sundresses, it tempers the makeup.

To conclude, with the leather less actually, better. All for stay subtly bold.

So tempted?