Calls To The #Soloselfie – Beats And Missed The Hype

A new movement for self-promotion or just plain clumsy advertising? Beats two clips on YouTube has released 2 dealing with solo to the beats by Dr. Dre. A video showing socialite who photographed himself with the headphones. The second clip explains, solo 2 can record as you at best a Selfie with: with the Apple iPhone 6 plus.

Funkmaster belong to the illustrious round, celebrities who are seen in the video, among other Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Nigel Sylvester, Flex, Nicki Minaj, and Serena Williams, reported AppleInsider. In a second video, including the Comedian Kenan Thompson from the U.S. TV show “Saturday Night Live” explains how to create a solo Selfie. He even used a golden iPhone 6 plus.

Beats Late Selfie Free-Riding

With the somewhat ungainly advertising campaign tried beats plenty late, to establish the Selfie hype from the first half of the year, especially Samsung has significantly shaped and used for promotional purposes. Not only the famous Oscar Selfie by Ellen DeGeneres was created at the suggestion of the South Korean company; currently Philippine users of self portraits with a television send and provide #SamsungTVSelfies with the Hashtag to participate a raffle.

The company beats electronics belongs now to Apple – which is why it appears obvious, along with the solo 2 headphones including the current top Smartphone iPhone 6 plus and to apply his camera properties.