Cambridge 351A in the Test

The Cambridge 351A has to offer for an entry level model. The test shows if the sound of the amplifier can keep.

At least of the structure it is Cambridge by its integrated circuits rather ascetic. Almost empty works the Board, whose circuit topology of the bigger brother 651A Herru Hrt. The focal points are but clearly: there is a Black type potentiometer from Alps to the volume control and a standard 16-Bit/48 kHz USB converter. Is following a Media Center (HTPC) from the beginning of the way, what may be already a powerful selling point in the entry level class.

But a little more is there a little less: amplifier comes only an IC (LM3886) per channel to use. Fu? r the tonal fine tuning Development Manager Matthew Brumble personally made. To counter the rising heat of the IC, two were Ku? Body placed and punched extra holes in the bottom plate – an elegant solution.

In the operation clearly was, how the Ku? Concept excellent. Two relays still indicate on special tasks: cable contact connected to the speakers, the speakers remain calm, and during commissioning of the MP3 input dB is switched through automatically fixed 24 gain – so the level of Smartphone and co. can be adjusted. Cambridge offers also a dock, which commands uber which adopts the supplied remote control. One might cavil the Missing phono module. But that isn’t really needs any of…

Cambridge 351A: hearing test

No matter what place the tester, which sounds tinny, nor brummelig, Cambridge he conceals something, nor is he trying u? bernatu? of course to shine. No buzz, no boom, the 351A is cultivated and does not set himself musically. It binds the event and presented a meaningful whole; to lose, in individual events is foreign to him. While he sounds all register pure and intense color. At the frequency response of ends he thinks back, however, genteel. Which is not to say that he can not even really long out.