Camera IP Exterieure Dome Heden

New product in the range of IP cameras Heden, version V3.4 outside Heden Cloud. This is an outdoor camera with a fancy design and appearance very professional which one could already look cool many burglars.

Camera IP Exterieure Dome Heden

This model, beyond its extremely attractive price, has features usually reserved for much more expensive cameras (waterproof case for outdoor use, wired and WiFi, night vision, application dedicated smartphone).

Before talking about his new installation procedure and usage from “the cloud”, here below the contents of the cabinet after unpacking:

The physical installation then is child’s play: Using the bracket and screws / plugs provided I could fix it in minutes on the top of my chalet. Personally I chose an ethernet connection to connect to my home network. Below the camera in place:

To complete the installation procedure, and after downloading the application on my iPhone ”  VisionCam Heden Cloud “, I just had to flash the QRCode present on the label just below the camera housing.

This was then added automatically in the app, the video stream is immediately available.Euuuuhhhh, you know … I think we can not be simpler.

By against a board, I invite you to later change the default password (0000) of your camera, otherwise any way from your scanner QRCode will have access to your cash, especially as the name of default user and password are entered in the label. This has the advantage of easy installation but also has its downside for in terms of safety medal.

After installation, the camera is present in the list. If you install multiple copies of this camera, you can easily choose the one you want to display full screen.

In this article, I mainly wanted to show you how easy this camera will be able to install and offer access via “the cloud” you are on your local network or from the outside.

This installation process completely freed you to open doors on any router and even fewer have a fixed IP address or a dyndns. For this, the images from your camera are stored permanently on one (or more) server (s) Heden as shown in the illustration below. The remote terminals (Application iOS / Android / PC, web browser) is charging them to recover the stream from the “VisionCam CLOUD”

Heden hopes to offer a complete outdoor IP camera, an unbeatable price for such equipment. The goal clearly is to reach a larger number of people wishing to set up a video surveillance solution without extensive computer knowledge.

That said, for the initiated, a comprehensive administration interface accessible via browser will address other broader options as do all the cameras on the market.

Example configuration of motion detection

You can access all the configuration settings Mail, FTP, IP, resolution, etc …, a utility comes with the camera to scan your network and discover.

Heden offers a range of IP cameras on the same principle “Cloud” Indoor and Outdoor, according to deluxesurveillance.

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