Candidiasis in Humans: What Is the Origin?

Weakness in the immune system can cause candidiasis in man. Discover the origin and the existing types.

Candidiasis in Humans What Is the Origin

The candidiasis in men is an infection caused by the fungus candida albicans , which mainly affects the mouth and the genitals, and in more serious cases, affecting even some internal organs and the central nervous system.

The fungus “candida albicans” is naturally present in the human body, including the skin, mouth, genital organ and the intestine. While the fungus is found in these locations and in a quantity considered normal there is no problem.

However, when there is some change or alteration in the system imunulógico, this fungus may spread with higher intensity, leading to the appearance of an infectious condition, thus causing the candidiasis.

Therefore, it is normal for their appearance when the immune system is weakened and up for possible reactions to the recurrent use of certain antibiotics.


Despite being a health problem more often associated with women, candidiasis in men is also a reality and there are different types:


The thrush on penis is not as common as the vaginal candidiasis, but deserves care when it manifests itself.

Diabetes and poor hygiene are common factors that can lead to the appearance of this type.


The oral candidiasis can be diagnosed in children, the elderly, diabetics, in adults after the intimate contact unprotected and patients in the stage of treatments that compromise the immune system.

It is characterized by small ulcers in the mouth and difficulty in swallowing.


The esophagitis cause infectious that have the fungus candida albicans in your source are more rare, and predominate in patients with low immunity, especially the bearers of the HIV virus and patients with cancer.

Candidiasis of esophagus is more common in the elderly and rarely occurs in children, except when there is impairment of immunity.


Candidiasis is skin infection that may appear without other associated factors. Occurs mainly by friction between the skins, thus creating small lesions in which there is a favorable environment for the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, including heat and humidity.


Candidiasis, disseminated or candidiasis systemic occurs mainly in men with a weakened immune system, and can thus reach the newly-born low-weight and hosts that have compromised immune system.

In these cases, the fungus reaches the bloodstream, and can affect any organ and cause serious complications.


The candidiasis of the man appears after the proliferation exaggerated of the fungus candida albicans due to a weakened immune system, which can be caused by:

  • Changes in the immune system – men with low immunity such as in the case of the use of corticosteroids, if you’re doing chemotherapy treatments or infected by HIV;
  • Sex without protection – intimate contact without a condom with a partner infected(o);
  • Use of antibiotics – the frequent use of broad-spectrum antibiotics, corticosteroids or anti-depressants that generally compromise the immune system in a very intense way;
  • Changes caused by diabetes – people with poor control of blood sugar levels are more prone to develop infections fungal;
  • In some cases, mostly in adults above 40 years, thrush may be the first symptom of diabetes, a tumor or an organic disease associated with;
  • Poor hygiene of the penis;
  • High levels of stress;
  • The flu (influenza);
  • The use of drugs.