Car-Installed Ip Camera

This type of monitoring is growing more and more mainly for Carriers that lives of transports cargo from third parties and to not lose the load and neither vehicle uses the monitoring and tracking of the vehicle that ends up inhibiting the thefts and thefts.

Car-Installed IP Camera

This technology usually monitors the vehicle’s trunk, but there are many CCTV technicians who are adapting this idea to monitor the interior of the car. Now to do this installation you need an IP camera connected to a 3G or 4G modem and the modem has That having its signal magnified to prevent its signal from falling, the IP camera via Deluxesurveillance has to be discreet to go unnoticed inside the vehicle.

This subject has already been addressed in other CCTV Forum and has many technicians who ask if it is really feasible to do this with a car of ride, in our opinion if you have knowledge of CCTV and electric automotive is well worth yes, but if you Is not aware of any of the items mentioned above, it is very expensive because labor is expensive.

Already for the knower is already going beyond, there are technicians who is adding microphone and adapting SD CARD to record the images in the camera itself and we have also out there in the electronic security market DVR Veicular has some that already comes with camera and all.

Well we hope to have clarified something for those who may have doubts whether it is worth it or not to have an IP camera installed inside a car, there is your opinion on the subject tell us what you think, for us your Participation is important.