Casual Zara, Lookbook Full for This Month of October 2010

If a week ago you showed Zara lookbook chosen for the month of October, it is now the turn to Casual Zara and their lookbook for this month, which in view of the photos that you’ll later, look much better than September.

I already did a small summary of what were the trends that the firm had for the season autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 and in view of the chosen looks, we can say that the trends are maintained even though it shows that they have taken into account in October as a coldest month and therefore clothes acquires greater consistency and apparently is warmer, with more liners, inserts, a thicker point and tissues more resistant. But maybe I think it will be that let’s you an eye directly to the collection and draw our own conclusions.

The Casual collection is characterised by a spirit much more uninhibited and with more urban trends, fleeing from the classic cuts, more sober and elegant styles and delving deep into clothes that are less seen in the collection of Zara. We could say drop a little apparent although not by this age lath style or quality.

Among the outerwear still the the American, jackets and gabardine as the strengths of the collection, but both the blazers and the blasiers disappear systematically…

… to give way to a more ragged look in which Add-ins they usually have a fairly high prominence, especially in its oversized versions. The Maxi scarves again become fashionable and do in cotton, point and even found some hybrid of foulard and scarf that is very interesting.

The point, in all its variants (already I did a summary of trends for this year point) continues to appear…

…especially the Jacquard that, as we have already said, gives a touch of homey and warm garments while colors are highlighted and strongest looks are achieved.

The new materials They also have their place in the collection although to a lesser extent. You can find leather, neoprene or some synthetic materials but are not precisely the strong in the collection and, above all, makes its appearance in the plug-ins and the outerwear, as the Huntress in the photo.

Something that never fails is a mixture of informal with formal, but certainly in this collection, the first highlights on the second that differs from the rest by the presence of elements such as neckties, jackets or pants skinny, in colors dark and somewhat tighter than the rest, as well as the use of shirts.

Finally, a plenty of accessories such as purses, belts, bags, bags and backpacks, in natural leather or synthetic materials and pretty autumn colors. New fashion of the maxi is succeeding even though, as we have said, it is more evident than ever in the foulards and scarves.

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