Cayin MA 80 Selection in the Test

On the integrated amplifier Cayin MA, the audiophile tinkerers can tinker times even 80 selection. The test reveals what sound it brings.

The owners of inexpensive tube amps in the dark tap at all listening pleasure. Only glowing anode plates show the excessive power amplifiers quiescent; at too low, it says at some point: this has also been times round sounded.

ERGO Cayin an amplifier with a veritable meter now presents with the MA 80 for 1000 euros it. Spring-loaded toggle switch assign now this or that output tube to check and On the other hand to the new adjustment in a matter of seconds, which can be made via trim pots accessible in addition to the glass bulb. In principle allows the Exchange of four EL 34 against stronger KT 88 80 MA (or vice versa), whereby the dealer a small resistor on the Board of bias must switch to the instrument pointer for reliable electricity again wanders on the center mark.

Like some Cayins before the end tubes screen grid via toggle switches and relay directly to the anode or a transformer tap allows also the MA 80 to lay. Cayin could save however this service, because for years the first, known as UL instead of TR version sounds better, fresher, more open. A double triode ECC 82 in the best manner makes the phase splitting the rest, there is – that also applies to the larger Cayin and the Audreal – a general change: the Triodes of the input-ECC-83 raise not more two-stage, but in parallel the signals.

Cayin MA 80 selection: hearing test

Obviously with phonetic advantage: the MA 80 fantastic air offered for its price range. And one in which a drum cymbals not only rocks, fire and flashes, but any Funke calmly in the eternity to say goodbye.

Who’s here? When Dominic Miller attacked at the beginning of the CD “Tutu Revisited” in the strings, twitching along it appeared real. Back shower then triggered the totally free view on the guitars ramifications. Sounded female voices via MA 80 rare colorful and graceful, possibly a tad bright, remained only a single wish – at least with the included EL-34-Version -: after more richness in the bass. Probably not without reason, Cayin with the A 88 T MK2 Selection offers Yes a further new tube.