Celebrating 10 Years of Existence, Skype Already Talking About 3D Broadcasts

The Skype is celebrating its ten years of existence wanting to make it clear that is quite willing to reach twenty or thirty. In an interview given recently to the BBC, Mark Gillett, vice president of the company, revealed that one of the future plans of the service is the availability of 3D video calls.

The executive explained that the company has been conducting for some time laboratory tests to assess the ability of 3D screens and cameras. The results so far are encouraging, but the company recognizes that there is still a very long way to go for 3D video conferencing are viable.

Gillett explained that, on the one hand there was a great improvement on the 3D screen, the same can not be said about the cameras with this feature. What he means is that, currently, it is much easier to find someone who has a 3D TV than a camera with this capability.

The problem is much more contextual than technological. Gillett said that Skype already has technology for 3D broadcasts and know how to make it work, although some complexity involving the cameras. The problem is that, for most potential customers, three-dimensional images are not interesting. That’s why networks like ESPN and the BBC itself decided to take a break for this type of technology in their transmissions.

What is meant this whole story is that, when interest in 3D video increase, Skype will be ready to take advantage of this demand. Or at least expected to be.

In addition to video calls 3D, the future can also book something resembling holograms. One of several ongoing projects in Microsoft Research is a technology called Viewport that enable the Skype capture the face of each participant in a conversation through multiple cameras then to create a virtual meeting room, for example.

But for now, the company is satisfied with its ten years and nothing humble numbers achieved during this period: more than 300 million users worldwide, 1.4 trillion minutes of calls via video or voice, and in the middle the way, 8.5 billion dollars to become the property of Microsoft.

Skype is even offering a little gift for your users: who log into service between now and September 1 (2013), will gain 30 minutes of bonus for using Skype WiFi.

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