Cell Phone radiation

The clothing manufacturer Levi Strauss is preparing to launch in the European market with a pants pocket model “anti-radiation” to keep mobile phones, responding to consumer concerns about potential health risks caused by the use of this kind of devices.

The S-Fit Dockers, name of the new template, for man will include a pocket for mobile phone with an anti-radiation coating “, confirmed yesterday the company responsible to ZDNet UK, ensuring that the lining could reduce health effects likely for the user of mobile phones-although scientists have not yet proven that the use of this kind of devices is dangerous.

“The Dockers pants have a pocket for mobile phones with a protective lining between the phone and the skin,” said a spokesman for Levi’s to ZDNet UK News. The same charge added that the Pocket would not be protected from the outside, as this may interfere with the ability of the phone to communicate with your network and possibly cause him to use more capacity to overcome the protective layer.

According to Computerdo, the lining accessory for cell phone is cotton, 97% and 3% of a substance called “MDF”. Was not added any more detail about the nature of the material used. Last year, Levi’s has joined the Philips to launch a jacket carrying a cell phone and an MP3 Player embedded (see related news), and it seems that this initiative ultimately contribute to the launch of the new article.

The new model of the famous brand clothes should arise in the European market at the beginning of 2003, there are no plans at present for the Dockers to be released in the United States.

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