Change Your Water Bottle

What bottle of water you use at home? And when you go on tour? And when you go to the beach? And when you do sports? And at work?

If it is plastic or aluminum, attention: the European food safety agency has warned about the use of both materials. The warnings are relevant. In the case of plastic, he explains, bottles spring from toxic substances of the same components that are manufactured. In fact, in the packaging of the bottles indicated consumers that don’t fill them more than two or three times. Therefore, the best recommendation is not to reuse them and crush them before throwing them in the container so that they do not occupy much space.

In addition, the European Agency related to the use of aluminum in food contact diseases as Alzheimer’s, for example. Apart from these warnings, is a made known that the plastic not be recycling, but going to stop directly to the environment. As we had written, after use, the plastic will remain thousands of year as waste, so it lives for many future generations.

Therefore, the market offers us stainless steel bottles. Search & Paste imports and distributes the Onya brand bottles. “We work with stainless steel, as it does not affect either the color or the taste of the liquid”, explains the Director, Marc Pascual. One of the advantages of this model of bottles is that the opening is wide, allowing you to clean them easily by hand. And, thinking about the summer, “you can also add le cube”.

Used stainless steel comes in a 90% of Western Australia. But is that, in addition, “we know our ethical policy: we guarantee principles ethical wages, hours and working conditions of the workers who make them”. Regarding children, the idea is also the same. The water bottle plastic backpack, withstanding high temperatures, which is filled over and over again, is not advisable. The arguments are the same that holds the European food safety agency for plastic in general. And another recommended option is to use water bottles of glass, which is 100% recyclable. Now, is evident, in order according to what time it is best to use a shock-resistant container.

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