Characteristics of the LED Strips

What are the characteristics of the LED strips?

In the wonderful world of LED strips, there are several criteria to know absolutely:
· The type of LED. The LED strips use primarily of LED 3528 5050 or 5630. The reference of an LED actually match its dimensions, for example a 3528 fact 3.5mmx2.8mm. The rendering of these 3 types of LED is very different as we have seen previously. The most versatile of the LEDS is the 5050. Advantage to ribbons LED 5050 and 5630!·

Number of LEDS per meter. Based on Bestcraftblog, the LED strips are essentially 30 or 60 LED per meter. There are more led but power consumption becomes disadvantageous. It is of course better to have 60 LED per meter for a better compromise light output / power consumption a better homogeneity of light because with the 30LED/m the difference between the LED is very important and the light rendering is not aesthetic.

Advantage for 60 LED per meter ribbons!· The number of lumens. Formerly it quantified the power of a light bulb wattage. With low consumption and now LED technologies that mean nothing. The lumen is the brightness. This more and more light output will be good. Note that a RGB LED Ribbon would not deliver the same number of lumens following the displayed color. Similarly, the number of lumens fall quickly as you move away from the LED Ribbon.

· Color temperature. Expressed in Kelvins (K), it allows to determine the neutrality of the white index. A (more or less yellow) warm white LED Ribbon will be between 2700 and 3300 K. A white LED Ribbon cold (between the natural white and bluish white) will be between 5000 and 7000 K. Because of the extent of warm white and cold white temperature range, it is possible that there may be a difference in coloring. To avoid these variations of white, please always take these ribbons with the same type of LED and a single command from the same supplier.

The sealing. It is expressed in IP. A non waterproof LED Ribbon is IP20. He can’t stand no projection of water. A waterproof LED Ribbon is IP65 (layer silicone) or IP66/67/68 (plastic sheath) to allow a use in moist but not immersible. Only the IP67/68 models without adhesive, in this case use hooks. If the environment is dry, we advise you to take of the IP20 rather than the IP65 as the heat dissipation is much better which increases its service life. In a wet environment, the IP66/67/68 is also better than the IP65 for the same reason.
·The voltage 12V or 220V. All our ribbons work 220V either directly or via a transformer 12/220V.The largest selection available on the LED market is made up of ribbons and accessories in 12V.This allows to install virtually anywhere without danger because of the low current going through them. This low voltage requires an amplifier 5 m to not lose brightness and especially a transformer to power them. We offer many KIT to join the food depending on the type of LED and the length of the Ribbon.
220V LED ribbons require transformer 12V/220V or amplifier up to 50 m from a single source. It takes just a power adapter made. This advantage allows them focus on for long or outdoor installations to avoid electrical fittings. They are less flexible than the 12V ribbons because only available in a waterproof plastic sheath IP67 or 68 to ensure security due to the current flowing through them.
INOVATLANTIC advise you to choose a ribbons LED 5050 or 5630 with 60 led/m. He is professional LED strips to use perfectly suited to illuminate the work plans, windows, furniture or to create a decorative quality atmosphere.