Cheap SmartWatch From China

Today we look at a bit of an unusual review on our website. Do editors will we get smart watch, but they are not from any of the large manufacturers, such as Samsung and LG.

Do editors had arrived quite ordinary “smart watches” that you usually can buy in China for a few dollars. What these watches are Chinese, we will discuss in the following review.

Thanks for lending a smartwatch company, in which they can watch and buy.


Watch your home arrives in a white box, which bears a couple of Chinese writing. On the box it says only a few basic information that the watch supports notifications, calls, and thus we could end. More information I was really looking for.

Cheap SmartWatch From China

After opening the box you peer out to watch itself from a Chinese manufacturer. Under the watch then we find a CE certification, USB cable, a couple of manuals (s spill tea – Chinese) and warranty card, which probably never use anyway. More that really look no further.

First sight

When I first picked up the watch into his own hands, quite surprised me, what is their size. To be honest, I was expecting some quite big watches that have a large display just due to the fact that well-handled. And those with a (surprisingly) not confirmed. But probably my WOW effect stifle even the fact that I did prior reviews wore a watch (although not smart), so I came to watch as “generally great.”

But let’s now look at his watch. Below the display, the watch will find three buttons – particularly in combination confirm selection, volume control and denial. On the right side of the watch to find only power button, while the left speaker watches find watches, USB connector for charging the watch and microphone for carrying calls.

From the bottom of the watch (you are all the time on your hands) we have a hidden button for a possible restart watch. In advance reveal that throughout the period of testing, I did not use it even once.

First start

First start will watch very quickly after the start and watch over you want absolutely nothing to set up. Thanks to take you directly to the “Main”, using which you can then watch control.

To be honest, this style was to me quite a quick and then I was confused how to control themselves watch. After a few minutes, but he came to the style of control and I teamed your phone with your watch.

Without the application you have in accordance with the manufacturer’s downloaded to your phone, the watch is quite limited and most things on them does not work. Without the application, for example, you will not synchronize the time to download SMS messages will not be displayed notification. Due to the fact that the application is only for Android, with another platform will watch almost useless.

The system is not a miracle

Given that the last time we talk mostly about the system Android Wear, which begins in these devices increasingly receive, here we are some of the system can not even talk.

The watch is running on a quite simple “operating system”, which is probably written in C, or in some of these basic languages with which to meet the vast majority of cheap “smart devices”.

Thanks to the “simplicity” of the system itself so it can not happen, for example, that you stuck somewhere in the system, for example (with this problem, I use the time for really met). Of course, it is even such a small tax for that watches have really crummy ability to edit the look, so probably settle for a basic look that you manufacturer offers.

Few applications in the base, they are no more

If you’ve ever heard the word, such as Appstore, so this word very quickly in these watches forget. In the phone while the item is Appstore, but it will not find anything interesting (actually, you will find one item, but you do not SmartWatch, from completely incomprehensible reasons, install).

Therefore, you have to be content with pre-installed applications, among which we find phonebook, SMS messaging, music player, remote camera shutter, the “anti lost”, barometer, altimeter, pedometer and stopwatch. More of the watch will not find.

But it would not be cheap in China, even if there is something not working. Specifically, here I am heading to the altimeter, which to me during the test did not deploy at all. Another feature that strike me was remote camera shutter that refused to function on one of my phones. It was not but it’s not a big problem that I somehow totally restricted, because I did not use this feature.

Calling the watch – or how to be like James Bond

A very interesting feature that watches have is a phone in a watch. It works through a Bluetooth connection with your phone and the watch will then act as a wireless headset.

As far as call quality, sometimes I noticed a little problem with my voice, because BlueTooth more able to transmit data at the required speed. The sound from the other side I’ve never had a problem and everything worked perfectly.

Battery life

Very hot topic on smart watches are also battery life. For these watches had a problem endure three days in full operation, while I watch through working with the notification, working with phone calls and sometimes I have demonstrated the ability of the speaker while playing songs from your phone. If you would like any of the activities did not operate as actively as it did in testing, I personally think that I could watch the next day still “squeeze”.

Another of the many concerns is the fact that the watch must be charged. Even I had with the first problem, and overall I resented the idea that I will charge the watch. The truth is that after a few days I got used to charge the watch and I took that as a “duty”.


And we are at the end of the review itself. To admit the truth, before testing I was really afraid of what my review comes and how the equipment will behave. Finally, I was quite surprised to see how these watches work quite well.

Regarding this watch, I ranked them in utter base, taking the watch nor disappoint, but nor harmful dazzle.For the price of a few dollars because you can not expect any miracles.

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