Chronicle: to Refuse Short-Sleeved Shirts

I tend to be very open when it comes to clothes. The concept of short-sleeved shirts make me though turn offs. When the boss isn’t looking at then goes on like a symbol of freedom. A sacred garments for half taffliga barbecues and Lounge Chair. This must end.

The most important argument against short-sleeved shirts is that they are totally hopeless to combine with other garments. A jacket or pullover is excluded by the absence of cuffs. Vest or sleeveless slippover is theoretically possible, but practically would probably even stylists in let’s dance, feel free. Tie and short sleeves gives nasty vibes about IBM engineers early 90 ‘s. Not to mention the fly.

There is also a myth that the shirts would be cool. I would argue quite the opposite. A thin linen shirt which covers the whole arm cools significantly better than if the sunlight is directed directly against the skin. It’s also completely preposterous to argue that the short-sleeved shirt would be a sporty garment. Think most with me can attest to a polo shirt or t-shirt is much more comfortable to play sport in than a shirt.

Short-sleeved shirts is also a mockery of the symbolically important expression in to roll up its sleeves. Imagine a situation where you have tons of paperwork in front of you. In addition to a väldoserat Cup of coffee requires a start signal to seriously tackle the work, which is the closest to the Holy ritual to roll up its sleeves actually provides. In a short-sleeved shirt is the only way out to scratch a bit nervously on his arms. The same applies when cooking. The epitome of a true American barbeque requires a short sleeve shirt. For professional chefs, however, it is almost a must to be able to demonstrate, through their sheer finesse’s shirt sleeves in the kitchen.

We are talking about a garment that användingstillfällen is limited to American barbeque and mediocre beaches. A garment that if you have to fit the arms will give the appearance of civic boosterism needs and at the opposite scenario that you are too skinny. It gives an uneven Tan and is disturbed impossible to combine with other garments. Give me a sensible argument to cut 40 cm with a shirtsleeve cuff and I will gladly surrender.