Classic and Feminine: the Brooches Are Back!

Out straight from grandma’s wardrobe, brooches are the new darlings of those who seek a modern look but want to keep that vintage air in production!

They come in countless variations that can be insects, animals, flowers, geometric shapes or abstract – What’s worth here is to create a look full of style with a touch of glamor perfect for day to day.

As they are being considered the accessories of the time it is clear that here in JT I will give you several tips on how to insert it in your day to day, come see:

In the purse!

It can be discreet applied in one of the handles of the bag keeping the color chart to not overload or you can invest in a mix of parts and create a super exclusive and very striking accessory. A great tip to revitalize that old party clutch right?

On shirts!

This is definitely one of my favorite versions!

It is the touch of glamor that our classic day-to-day look with jeans and shirt needs, not to mention that it looks charming and still maintains that retro style that I am a fan.

Ps:For the brooch to be used in this way it is important that the shirt has the traditional collar to give the desired effect!

No jeans!

Does anyone doubt that tomorrow I’m going to go out like a madwoman behind those broaches to repaginate my jeans?

I found the mixture of materials very nice, it is incredible how the jeans can neutralize the air “too much” of the pieces right?

In the pants!

If your style is more discreet but you still want to bet on the brooches to add a special touch to your look, so how about investing in a super feminine detail and applying the accessory in the front pocket of your favorite pants?

No sweater or sweatshirt!

That super comfortable look can also get a touch of jewelry style with the application of the brooches.

It is only you choose your favorites and sweep in the combination, look at these productions if they are not pure inspiration!

Truth be told, they are a charm right?

It is a great option for those with a tight budget and want to give a new face to that part in the wardrobe right? I love this vibe “modern grandma style”!