Clearaudio Master Innovation and Unify 12 “in the Test

Clearaudio rounded up a monument: the drive master innovation separates completely the vinyl from the engine – with magnetic force and precision engineered thoroughness. Reaches the Tower even biblical dimensions?

If you want high arouses envy and fears. God wanted to do not look into the sky. Therefore, the Tower of Babel broke up – and people sought apart in linguistic confusion. All just a fairy tale, a biblical code? “No,” say today’s archaeologists. It gave the Tower of Babel really, actually in Babylon and estimated 70 metres high: gigantic, measured by the facilities in old testament times.

Where’s the Franconian Clearaudio turntable manufacturers going with his Tower? In the sky of vinyl.

Chances are: the Foundation of the master-innovation drive is stable and no imminent God from above in point of view. Because behind this little human vanity, which punished are mu? coasts, but pure physics. Finally, the Firmengru is? and Chief developer Peter Suchy of educated nuclear physicist, no high priest, no vain ruler.

Although: is some vanity in this drive. It should be better than the products of competitors and better than other drive in the catalog.

Towering prices

Actually, it knows only one in-house Clearaudio competitor: the 350 kilograms and more than hu? fthohe Statement drive. That was not really fur getu everyday business? rmt and lies with 100,000 euro beyond some realities – “Statement” should be his name according to power Word and also knowledge base fu? r following models.

Like just the here presented master innovation, the already fur 17,000 euro is to have. The 12-inch tone arm universal must the user fu? r 4,400 euros purchase. Those looking for even a pickup: Clearaudio recommends its Titanium V2 fu? r 6500 euro. Optionally, innovation may be placed two more tone on the other legs of the master.

This is the real Tower of Babel – a financial effort that lies beyond the sky of most mortals. So is an affront? Netu? Of course not, but a living vision. stereoplay, glu estimates? Recalling that it has materialized in our listening room.

Create even hand?

Fu? r u new owner? will taking? course the traders building. We were allowed to stack up itself – and were pleased. First u? ber a feast of precision mechanics. Here every detail with precision fit, with u? standards in the high end literal hardly measured and still less frequently detected? can be. If massive platter in their recesses micrometer just Nestle on axles.

Right here the plural? Genu? gt not a dish on an axis? Just not here, yes the trick of master is innovation: Clearaudio fu? gt together two drives to a “sandwich”. A “sandwich”, in which both slices of toast not professional. There is no connection between vinyl and drive. Our lead story photo emphasises the effect very nicely with a light spot between the BERU? hrungslosen. Who zoom in into the structure, provides an air slot. Neodymium magnets act as Kraftu? bertrager between the lower motor unit and the upper plate of wings.

Even an old acquaintance who still closer look discovered: the Clearaudio drive, u is the upper part of the construction? ber that cheered stereoplay four years ago – known at the time as today “innovation”. It becomes the “master” by the Foundation. What honors Clearaudio: too old owner can increase and higher a floor their innovation by upgrade (around 7000 euros).

At that time (see issue 9/08) gushed stereoplay u? ber a “sensationally good tracking”. Peter Suchy achieved this then as now by the fact that it couples the motor control with an infrared sensor. It scans a stroboscope disk invisible in operation permanently. That was then, and is still a real wow!-effect.

If you look at the data, the synchronization was the best ever measured at stereoplay.

At this point, you could knock himself as a developer on the shoulder and retire. Suchy wouldn’t let go but another idea: he wanted to enlarge the flywheel. He doubled it in master building. Described from top to bottom: the vinyl is on a seven-centimeter-thick turntable made of technical plastic, including the 1.5 cm thick stainless steel plate looks almost slim. The construction is up to here absolutely passive. Momentum brings only the floor lower on the axis.

Floating plate

Here, Clearaudio apparently copied the principle – again big plastic plus stainless steel. But a close look shows that the plastic layer is divided into two parts – in between: nothing. The bottom plastic plate of the belt of the motor is elegantly unobtrusive (integrated into a pillar), 20 neodymium magnets on the top of this dish are as many counterparts on the underside of the daru? coupled about this dish. Rather, they repel – a magnetic cushion, Professional Unsuccessful, floating plates. The vibrations of the engine, formerly very small, remain involved in the underworld.

Awesome Righteous silence is attached. That was a wonderful moment when these heavy duty construction (60 kilos!) in motion in our test actually. It’s like a big breath. You have been very abgebru? ht, wu? rde you insert not a minute of silence, even deep breath, and then lower the needle in the Groove. Many Tonearms are useful as other players. Only one gives the construction real authenticity and size: the universal made also at the headquarters in Erlangen, Germany. He is 9 inches or as in our review in appropriate 12 inch.

Complete honesty here: what is actually carbon looks like a carbon tube with Custom-fit aluminum transitions – actually unpleasantly expensive fu? every corporate accountant, but ideal for fu? r an ambitious developer. The Glu? ck is, it has internal family occupied these important positions and so largely without conflict arranged in the House of Clearaudio.

Also exceptionally on this arm: height adjustment, which can be fine adjusted during the active palpation. Thus the vertical tracking angle (VTA) example can be quickly and without Allen screwing adapted different vinyl heights. Each yet so critical pickup can be mounted on this arm and bring its potential on the phono. That woke up the play instinct: we have the in-house system titanium V2 by Clearaudio mounted – and half a dozen other systems.

Hearing test

Systems, which we believed to know. Records, we believe to know. But we believed only: because the Clearaudio station wagon blew apparent knowledge of diamond grinding and needle carrier as well and like the Bauchgefu? hl to our favorite pressings. Especially the pulse standby this arm / drive – shifted borders combination. Somehow, we have accustomed us to the truth, that only a limited scope of dynamics is carved in a record – and far inferior to all digital.

On the master, innovation was also this model when we were on ‘Alice’ by Tom Waits. The CD ku? located by elusive, ultra-deep melodic lines in the bass – sweat diaphragms, the diaphragm sport a print. But in the brain is no unique musical information. Rather a psychological effect on the edge of the Infraschalls. Elephant agree people are less so.

Then we turned the switch of the precursor to the right from the CD to the “Alice”-pressing on the master innovation – and were astonished. The vinyl combination differed significantly clearer in the dynamics of the bass figure. That was a phrase relating to a minor third – real music, not noise, music. To this joy of the great dynamic eruption.

Not kept are to, that the Clearaudio combination in our test showed also limits. Rather possibilities: the character of drive and stringency was strong – who Cuddly of vinyl searches, can not warm. What more fu? r speaks the precision of the drive, the joy of the unvarnished. But also the choice of cartridge makes the Supreme discipline. Tip: double not the drive.

The combination with the Kleos system by Lyra, the reference of the editorial offered full enjoyment in our test run. Also an analyst – but rather the dynamics, the small, musically critical waves. The harmonized wonderfully with the drought, the incorruptibility of the Clearaudio drive.

Anything else should be on the top of the platter. You almost want to here from a “secret” listening tip. Which however does not fit, that already is a Grammy-logo on the cover. The UK Mojo magazine raved about quite uncontrollably: “The most beautiful music on earth.”

In Central Europe and among high end fans there are however BERU? most difficult. Get rid of these: Ali Farka Toure and Toumani Diabate have 2005 locked himself in a hotel room on the Niger and unpacked the guitars and the Kora (a blend of harp and lute). The producer Nick Gold dragged to a mobile recording studio in the hotel. Now the meeting on double LP was released. With a good turntable man already floating in dreamlike sure played strings pulses. With the Clearaudio station wagon became an Impulse noise: bone dry, fast, jumping from the pit level. At the latest on the first B side there were first signs of trance – great music, great captured and reproduced in great u? ber continents and linguistic. The Tower of Babel from Franconia managed order and unity; in all respects the opposite of biblical confusion.

Is this the end of the story? Not quite. The hunger of the inventor is too large. After Peter Suchy has decoupled its innovation drive from a physically fixed drive, he wants to take his master innovation from the stream. In other words: in a few months Clearaudio wants to introduce a solution, with which the vinyl comes battery on tours. The Tower of Babel had also no power socket.

The invisible values: Sensor, strobe, camp…

Who innovation drive has decided to purchase the master, can be happy back? cklehnen: the dealer of trust u? takes over the initial installation. Fu? TU r true? deluce could it be but a pleasure to participate in this Special LEGO game.

The manual of the Erlanger company is also exemplary as the precision. Since many manufacturers can cut more than just a disc itself. Especially beautiful is the Council: it may be in advance very clearly his u? ber the place at which the master his rounds to turn innovation. Subtext: “so easy ex and hopp, Dear customer, makes artwork that does not move the 60 – kilogram.” But yet comprehensive fine-adjust – for example, u? ber height-adjustable spikes.

In handwritten building you can get particularly close the smart beauties of the construction. At the bottom of the bottom plate of stainless steel, for example, a strobe light ring is introduced Gt, which his reflections on an underlying infrared sensor back? ckwirft, which in turn is coupled to the motor control. In another building, ramming tiny screws on virtually invisible – here offers Clearaudio customer King option, the setpoint speed at 33, 45 and 78 rounds per minute change.

If he wants to vary the precisely correct specifications at the factory because partout. Really invisible against: Clearaudio installed his own CMB bearings (ceramic magnetic bearing) – the concept of the magnetic force is lived out here on a small scale. An axis of polished ceramic combined with two same-pole magnetic fields – which will repel each other and reduce the friction so the classic oil damping. It follows the beautiful feeling? hl, even the belt u? ber to put the bottom plate of the drive. And then you can look directly to the perfect bu? constantly used neodymium magnets.

Not ironically meant: the fitting accuracy of all Clearaudio components is tied to a perfect room temperature. -So the recommendation of the franc – should start its work below 20 degrees.