Collection Victoria by Victoria Beckham

Double presentation for Victoria Beckham at New York Fashion Week: after having proposed his collection of women’s fashion spring-summer 2013, has returned to parade with the new label, named simply Victoria, which caters to young fashionistas, with cooler heads and sprightly, sale at prices far more Democrats. Great anticipation for this new fashion line that a style icon like Posh Spice has decided to dedicate to women who cannot afford to spend a fortune, but still want to wear clothing and accessories that Victoria Beckham would wear.

After admiring the glamorous and trendy creations of spring-summer 2013 of Victoria Beckham, which we present anew in the gallery below, now is the time to have a look at younger women’s fashion line, which will be sold in the coming months with the label of Victoria. A much-anticipated collection it didn’t disappoint.

The Victoria collection by Victoria Beckham will also be young and inexpensive, but that doesn’t make it less trendy: it consists of funny clothing, funky, simple shapes and embellished with glamorous designs. We deliziosissimi short sheath dresses with prints, short sleeve dresses can be worn from day to night.

All embellished with motifs that recall, for example, the nature but also the soul of British designer.

Obviously Victoria Beckham also has the most elegant summer dresses like infant sundresses, available in trendy shades or with details in lace or with transparencies to make the wardrobe more sensual teens. Beautiful the color block dresses, a trend that will pleasantly even in hot weather to come.

We note with pleasure the return of prints reminiscent of the 1960s, with optical motifs that won’t weigh down your clothes, being simply the details that make up the head with style and class.

And accessories? These are also very young, with delicious dainty shoulder bags to be matched with any outfit or shoes from rich colors with dizzying wedges, to slim with rock style the female figure.

The prices? Not exactly cheap, but considering the main collection costs are much lower, since they vary from mino to 465 pounds to a maximum of £ 960.