College Jacket and Blouses:Fashion Tips

Even if you’re not an athlete at school, you can now look like one, thanks to the latest fashion trend: the jackets college. Varsity jackets are the new fashion and everybody wants your.
Then check out the tips on the college jacket!


1.The jacket is also known as college varsity jacket and is a status symbol in school. Students can buy a similar jacket, without the letters or pins, but the jackets have a slightly different style. Students of various sports or playing more than one sport can customize their jackets with the names of each sport that they play. Varsity jackets also serve as a symbol of a relationship status. Male students give their jackets to their girlfriends, to show that the couple are in a serious relationship.
2.Women’s fashion
Varsity jackets began to appear on the catwalks in 2010 and now do all that success.
For a casual look, use a custom jacket Navy blue color, sneakers and a t-shirt. For a slightly more elegant look, choose a blouse of sequins, dark jeans and a pair of colorful heels. Here at you can get more different models and styles. The jacket can also be used for a party, simply combine it with a black dress and knee-high boots. Avoid using anything that makes you look like you’re trying to recapture your youth, including for example, a cheerleader skirt.
But if used with common sense, that piece becomes a great ally for a modern look.
3.Men’s fashion
Custom Varsity jackets also work well for men. You should find a jacket that fits perfectly. The jacket should stretch out comfortably on the shoulders, without pull and the sleeves must reach at least the wrists. Jackets that are too small are uncomfortable, while huge jackets create a visual sloppy. Combine a jacket with a loose white t-shirt, college or a bright colored shirt and dark skinny jeans is a great option. Consider that the shoes match the jacket for a more uniform look.
The college jacket can also be used with Bermuda and sapatenis, you don’t have to be afraid in time to match your jacket, just make sure that there is harmony between the parts that make up the look and if they value your body and skin tone.