COS: New Luxury Line from H & M

(1) luxury design for rendering look like?

High-quality, but not exclusively-that has been a contradiction. That should change with COS. Here there are carefully processed fashion classics in fine materials at reasonable prices. For example, the little black dress, cashmere sweater with V-neck or Pique Polo shirts, basics, which may be missing in any wardrobe. To get more individual dresses, coats and suits, showing still the one or the other character detail in addition to a clear line and shape. Pieces of clothing, mostly in black, white, dark blue or beige, which in its refined simplicity to designs by Helmut Lang, Marni or Jil Sander remember-but of course, a fraction of the cost.

(2) what do I spend at COS for a dress?

Dresses cost between 49 and 79 euros, women’s pants between 49 and 69 euros, there are jackets from 79 euro. For a beautiful leather bag, you can pay but also once up to 250 euro. Deepest need access the gentlemen in the Pocket at COS, suits cost up to 350 euros.

(3) a person who is responsible at COS for the design?

Otherwise arise as the H & M collections designs for COS not in Stockholm, but in its own headquarters in London. Here sits the 35-strong team. The 37-year-old Dane Rebecca Bay is responsible for the women’s fashion. Her compatriot Michael Kristensen, 39, is responsible for the men’s. Bay has worked previously as a trend researcher, Kristensen was designer for Tom Tailor, Marc O’Polo and Falcon.

4) is the label for those who feel too old for H & M COS?

No. Look for while in vain teenager facilities such as flap tops and micro-Minis in the spacious elegant COS boutiques, but the audience is not limited to “Unhurried” of course. Chief Designer Rebecca Bay wishes to address instead the adult woman, “which in the city lives, much works, has family and even buy Prada pumps, and a Chloé bag.” 31, which can be just as well also 57 years old.

(5) muted tones, classic cuts-not totally boring is that?

Matter of opinion. All that flashy like it, are of course wrong COS. Who wants to, but smart look without to follow every fashion trend, find here determined a few parts. And then it depends of course on the combination. White blouse with black trousers-it quickly looks a fairly unimaginative Office outfit. Grey Twinset? Acts in Cashmere good and Baker. The breach of one or the other is better then. So a nice cloth to the plain coat or fancy shoes to the elegant costume.

(6) in the case of the prices is everything in China produced safely?

No. Eighty percent of the production accounted for by Europe, the remaining twenty percent are manufactured in Asia. Also interesting: COS processed no real fur and uses only leather from animals which have been kept for meat production.

7) is H & M COS not competing?

No, because COS serves a different segment. There are customers who are looking for fashion, which is quality and timeless as the fast-moving goods, which is available in stores such as Zara, Orsay or H & M. People who can afford more, but not so much more and go for example already to Massimo Dutti, the noble branch of Zara, or like to buy the Scandinavian labels such as acne or Fillilpa K..

(8) what strategy does H & M with a chain such as COS?

H & M reacts with the launch of COS on a development that is already looming in fashion: the progressive approach of high and Lowfashion. More and more expensive designer labels now trying to increase their clientele by second-line, on the other side, the cheap clothing chain give the appearance of a new rank their products. This high-gloss Polish for mass-produced goods in technical jargon is called “Uptrading”.

(9) is it so couldn’t care less whether you wear Jil Sander or COS in the future?

The layman will not be able to tell the difference. Unmasked is however at the latest when the colleague in the Office has the same, strictly tailored dress as yourself. Often, when you buy something at H & M-no wonder it is one, worldwide there are shops already 1350. Fortunately, only ten European branches of COS are planned by the end of 2007. Some time we can sure still luxury delude us, that we have done us something really exclusive at a bargain price.

(10) where there are COS so far in Germany?

Berlin: Kurfüstendamm 217 Munich: wine 3 Hamburg: Neuer Wall 19 Düsseldorf: King Ahornallee 80 Stuttgart: King Street 46

Anne Petersen photos: COS