Cosmetics to the Cult Series Downton Abbey

The modern Merchandaising campaign by marks & Spencer looks nostalgic.

Script writer Julian Fellowes, creator of Downton Abbey, called his now in 200 countries including China and Iraq broadcast alone in Hollywood proud 10 Emmy award winning cult – and costume drama series “a posh soap opera”, “a posh soap opera”. Since it was only a matter of time before the producers of the series were planning a matching SOAP and other beauty products at this fashionable style defining soap opera. 

Since recently you can the ten-part “Downton Abbey“-actually buy cosmetics series in England. While we in Germany on September 22 at the TV screen an exciting TV evening long the to least exciting election thriller with persecuted, another memorable TV event took place in England. The British at least equally forward had look forward to. There, the British success series Downton Abbey with the first episode of the now already fourth season on the screens of the British private broadcaster ITV namely returned on the same day. She broke once more all TV records spectators here with more than new a half million. Repeatedly Sunday Great Britain Feverish now again with the intrigue, secret liaisons and secretly behind correct posture in tails and high-necked ruffled dresses of the tightly laced corset hides seething passions. A whole nation appreciated the fateful twists and turns to the mansion of Lady Grantham and her daughters above all, Mary Crawley as the oldest among them, whose title can be given only to male heirs. The English tradition of department store marks and Spencer sent squanders of the hour, the increased attention at the start of the fresh shot episodes and brought just exclusive Downton Abbey-beauty collection – for the time being only in England – on the market its.

Downton Abbey is Coming into Fashion

Some time ago, Carnival films, the production company of the series hits and its U.S. parent company NBC had announced an official and comprehensive Downton Abbey product line of clothing furniture universal cosmetics. Furniture and accessories can still waiting. In fashion but it was renowned fashion designer Miuccia Prada and Giorgio Armani, who saw the fashionable potential of the broadsheets nobility series with its beautiful costumes, where is your Lord – and Ladyschaften several times to dress to maintain a day with the help of many Butlers and maids, faster. They were inspired by the noble look of the British landed gentry for own collections and came the official Downton Abbey fashion line earlier. At the beginning of the year 2012, as in this country even hardcore series junkies barely knew the names of Downton Abbey, many at Downton Abbey of inspired fashion location for next fall were already seeing. Sent at the fashion week in NY Ralph Lauren in Tweed of level models to the signature tune of Downton Abbey on the catwalk. In March, Marc Jacobs followed with his Paris show for Louis Vuitton. He let go a schnaufende steam in his fashion tent open in the Court Square of the Louvre. The ladies in elegant Wool robes with flaring collars in lush, garnished with teetering ostrich feathers and taffeta grinding hats, which declined the hardship with the befitting over sized luggage porters in livery emerged from the compartment coaches. Finally the wheeled bags not only at the time was still long not invented by King Edward VII.. A still-distant day the cult series in the (still rolling suitcase far) Roaring Twenties, the roaring twenties should end years.

A Kiss Mouth as Lady Mary

The M & S line of cosmetics under the name “Downton Abbey luxury bath & body collection” first made the race for the fastest launch of the most beautiful styles of Downton Abbey surprising now. The Countess of Grantham, played by the famous Grand Dame Maggie Smith, had this modern Merchandaising campaign by marks & Spencer as all innovations with Candle holder, sculpted attitude and a smug snobbish ‘ stiff upper lip’ acknowledged. The cosmetics world of Downton Abbey includes bubble bath and bath salts, body lotion and scented candle, Nail Polish, lip gloss or lip balm in a wide variety of gift packs. You delicate scent of peach blossoms or vanilla, but especially after Freesia combined with mandarin oranges and a subtle vanilla undertone. The makeup of the ladies in the success series is always girly natural and restrained, since the absence of color cosmetics eye shadow or daring colors thought of themselves naturally. This includes a pleasant every lady, his packaging discreet and luxurious shades like cream, dark emerald green or deep Burgundy in combination with gold, which period will bring back the Edwardian with lots of retro charm in the bathroom. You are decorated with ornament – and floral flower pattern or a print Parade of magnificent peacocks which is also a corresponding blue. Nostalgic luxury SOAP must not be missed of course. For them it has come up with something very special: on them, so memorable quotes from the past three seasons, finding themselves such as: “No one wants to kiss a girl in black” or “Now hurry up and kiss me before I get a grave cross”. There yet like to quickly takes you to the lip balm pots and provides a seductive shiny lips as Lady Mary.