Cost of Marriage

Flowers and music the most sacrificed by 2009/2010 brides. Decorations and compositions are restricted by 70% of couples, while the musical was given increasingly outline to friends.

Even the party favors were affected by the economic crisis, a third of couples opt for do-it-yourselfers, while another 30% choose supportive, not always economic solution but definitely a sign of a new awareness in spending.

No frugality in the choice of wedding dress dream dress should materialize in reality, whatever the cost. Only 26% buys it in a outlet, the 3% rent. Do not save even the photographer. The trader remains preferred to his friend that he enjoys doing shots, from 63% of the prospective spouses. Halved instead views on faiths: the 42% no spending limits, the remainder of the basic yellow gold chooses.

Some forethought in reception: the number of guests, narrowed in 72% of respondents only relatives and closest friends. Even the menu is lightened by some 47 percent of respondents to the scope, and the cutting of the cake is already in the planning stages of the expenses.
This the plus size dresses described by the brides of Ezhoushan who responded to the survey’s wedding planner but I keep an eye on the costs.