Custom T-Shirts, Tank Tops!

Custom t-shirts are not any garment, they have a special process that starts with the choice of the model, the design and then the stamping of the shirt.Once we have them in our closet and we take care of them, we want them to last and to be well as long as possible.

Taking care of your personalized t-shirt is worth it … If you consider these simple tips of washing and ironing you can make your personalized t-shirt last much longer, taking care of the print you like so much.

Separate your “hand wash” t-shirts from “to machine”

This step is superimportante, because it is key to choose the washing process appropriate to each shirt and fabric . Normally on the label of the manufacturer of the t-shirt , the instructions for washing by symbols are detailed. There you can see if the shirt is suitable for washing machine or not. Above all, in the case of 100% cotton t-shirts, special care must be taken in washing.

Also you have to take into account the print of your personalized t-shirt . If it is possible to be machine washed or it must be by hand or – in any case – machine to a cold temperature in order to keep the colors and the stamping in good condition.For example, custom t-shirts with textile vinyl, are usually hand washed for this reason.

It is best to wash all custom t-shirts by hand. You ensure less wear and tear on the shirt. But if it gives you much laziness, you can wash, those that allow, machine with very cold water in a short wash.

Separate your t-shirts by colors

It is advised before, separate your personalized t-shirts by colors.What seems a simple task, we can complicate the existence by the number of different prints and colors.Grouping can be a bit of a nuisance when we have a big wash.The best, do not attack, and start separating by light and dark colors.

Wash shirt upside down. If you wash it backwards, you will greatly avoid the erosion of the print of your personalized t-shirt. Keep it upside down, also on the iron. And … Never iron the shirt print directly! Because … you will be ironed to see the result!

To dry it, lay it outdoors, but avoid the strong sun.

The dryer is the number one enemy of your custom t-shirt. Keep your personalized t-shirt well away from it.

In both screen printing and transfer printing, the ink is applied on the basis of heat. For this reason, it is necessary to avoid any damage to the printing of the T-shirt, or to the heat of the dryer or any other source of heat such as a stove , because we run the risk of disintegration of the design. So, it is best to dry your T-shirts outdoors … Having that, very, very careful with those days of strong sun, the direct rays of sun can wear the print of your shirt.

Eye with the iron! If you wear your personalized T-shirts well stretched, you can save the iron. But if it is very wrinkled, you can iron at a low temperature and always upside down!

If you consider these tips, your custom t-shirts will last longer. The stamping and the fabric will be preserved in a better state, with a better appearance. You’ll see that taking care of your custom t-shirts, it’s worth it!