Custom Tennis: 50 Creative Ideas and Many Tutorials

The custom sneakers fashion is in full swing! It has a lot of way to make your footwear even more beautiful and stylish, and the best, without leaving home. In this post we will show you various custom sneakers with various easy to find and cheap materials. Follow us!

Custom Tennis Photos and Templates

All star

Who ever had an All Star in life?This, perhaps, is the most used model of casual sneakers on the planet.Here in Brazil is a real fever, being used by people of all classes and ages.

The coolest thing about All Star is that it can keep track of various styles of look, as globalsciencellc says. You can wear it with skirt, dress, shorts, pants of all kinds, and, amazing, even with wedding dress!Yes, there are brides who are so passionate about this sneaker that they wear them on their wedding day.

We managed to find All Star from many models and colors. The brand has already released many versions of centennial tennis – it was created in 1917 to standardize and fit the style of basketball players.In the 50’s it started to get very popular, and exploded once in the late 70’s, when it became a trend among punk rock fans.

Since then, footwear has been customized in many different ways in order to make it even more stylish.We’ve selected some interesting ways to inspire you.Want to see?Take a look below:

Custom Tennis for Babies!Yes, there is All Star also for the little ones and you can use ribbons and tacks to increase their look Is not it cute?

How about customizing the All Star shoelace to give him another face?It’s a simple and easy way to change the look, you’ll just need ink and creativity.

One material that can be used is fabric.With a white or fabric glue (the one used to make decoupage) you can customize your All Star and parade around very differently.Here’s a cool tip for you to make custom sneakers:

Another idea is to use income!If you want to leave your footwear more feminine and delicate you can bet on it to make very interesting appliques.There are lace flowers, for example.Here you can combine this detail with satin ribbons in place of the shoelace:

For those who have skills with pens and brushes, an incredible way to customize sneakers: the designs .There’s so much beautiful inspiration for you to do paintings on your All Star, you know?The cool thing is that shoes will never be the same as anyone’s, they will be yours!

You can choose fashionable cartoons to stay stylish or to give as gifts!

Do you have a favorite artist or band? Why not transfer this like for your walking shoes? Look at this All Star model with a custom Beatles design and one of his animated films, the Yellow Submarine, which later became an album.

And if you’re just a music lover or a musician, maybe an idea is to draw the musical agenda and the notes.

Did not we talk at the beginning of the topic that many brides adopt the All Star for their wedding look?Well, we’ve brought some custom templates for you to know and imagine how super stylish you should be!

You can spruce up the sneakers with white pearls and delicate white ribbons too, see:

Another idea is to apply income and white fringes.It looks beautiful and delicate:

But a beautiful idea. Apply silver rivets to the tip of the shoe, apply flowers with pearls or rhinestones, and replace the lace with a finer material.

Look at the fringe there again.This detail is super fashionable also in clothing, and you can also adopt in your All Star.In this case, it combined a lot because the fringes are leather, even material that sneakers.

Studs or spikes are the most commonly used items for customizing sneakers and clothes.That’s why you can abuse them, be nice in many ways.Here are some cool ideas!

Along with the spikes you can put glitter , soooo glitter or even sequins.It’s flashy, but if that’s the idea, bet!

Do you want irreverence?See the All Star customization below, which only requires scissors for your production:

Custom Tennis 50 Creative Ideas and Many Tutorials 1


Vans is another brand widely used by young people and also combines with different types of looks.The black and white models are the most used, but those who like to give a variety can customize, right?

The Vans brand is much more recent than the All Star, was founded in 1966 in California, becoming a fever among the skaters in the 70s. To this day it is a worldwide success and is used by people from the most varied groups, including Fashionistas

There are lots of cool ideas to customize a Vans sneaker for everyday life, we’ve selected a few to show you.

Do you know the tye-die technique?It can be used in sneakers too, but with a little more care not to smear other parts of the footwear, other than the fabric.

Just like in the All Star, you can venture into the cartoons of your choice .It’s a great tip too, for anyone who has the skills, of course, to turn that into a business.How about doing and selling?

With a powerful pen you can make amazing prints on your Vans sneakers.See an animal print idea:

Another super trendy stamp is ethnic.You can do it with pens of various colors and a ruler to help make everything tighter.

You can also invest in paints and paintbrush to make unique paintings on your Vans sneakers!Look at this beautiful and creative idea:

More inspirations for custom sneakers:

In addition to paints, you can also apply Patches on Vans sneakers as they are made of fabric.Make the application using an iron only.To boost, if you like, put spikes.

Another idea to decorate your sneakers with tacks, which can be gilded or silvery and of any shape.

Want something more romantic ?Flower applique and stoneware can leave your sneakers right for you.Also, changing the conventional shoelace to a pink satin can be a good idea.

The rent can also be used on Vans.See a cool idea by applying a black lace over a whole white sneaker.It looks stylish and different.

Custom Tennis 50 Creative Ideas and Many Tutorials 2

Keds Shoes

You certainly know the Keds shoes , right?This brand is also very old, is centennial, was founded in 1916. The tennis shoe in question is made of canvas and like the other models cited, have rubber soles.

The most widely used and best known model is the all white, much requested by people with casual style, as it looks great with everyday clothes.Wear with jeans, shorts, skirt, dress, etc.Knowing how to compose the looks gives even to use to work .

There are many models of Keds available to buy and even then there are many cool ideas to customize and leave it even more with your personality.want to meet?Keep following the post.

Look at some cool inspirations from custom sneakers for you to create on top of the traditional model:

Use gold spray paint or whatever you want to paint only the “beak” of your sneakers.Use a tape to cover the part you do not want to paint.

One romantic tip is to make flower designs throughout the sneakers with the paintbrush and paints.To finish, change the lace to another more cheerful color, it will look very different.

One cool idea is to paint Keds shoes in a similar way to other shoes, like Oxford, for example.It has Provencal details and looks beautiful when done handcrafted.Here are some tips:

What about letting your Keds model look colorful and paint it like a mosaic?

You can also make the painting that is super trendy, the Galaxy print, and even spice up with some spikes.It looks beautiful!

This tip below requires a sponge and paint to leave the whole sneaker with a cloud effect.It is very simple to do and it dries very quickly!

With ballpoint pen and black ink you recreate your Keds in a very interesting way.It can be used with many looks.

A fun and, let’s say, rather carnival-like way, is to apply small balls across sneakers.At the very least you will have a very exclusive sneakers in your shoe rack.

And the income, as it could not fail to miss, can make your Keds even more beautiful and cute!The application can be done in only one part or in whole, take a look:

Custom Tennis 50 Creative Ideas and Many Tutorials 3

How to Make Custom Shoe Step by Step

Well, now that you’ve gotten inspired with our tips, it’s time to see how you do these custom sneakers!We have selected several videos for you to learn step by step, take a look and write down everything:

That’s a cool story about custom sneakers, do not you think? We love it and we already got lots of ideas to do with the sneakers we have at home. A cool idea is to “reform” those shoes that are threadbare and with some creative ideas make it look like new! Any questions, leave a little message down here, kiss