Cynthia Fontanella Ohio State

Hello friends! We are back with renewed energy, full of mood and stuffed with news to share with you. We were dying of longing to sit calmly in front of the computer, enter quietly and post several photos for you to enjoy our posts the way you deserve! But how about you, did you miss us? Gradually we’re sharing the flashes and tips on Paris, we have tipsters to several travel over there, but also I don’t see why we can’t keep them up to date on everything that’s going on. So today, in order to celebrate our back, we prepare a post that is the full of wealth, luxury, power and glory! Have you already known or heard the party dresses of CYNTHIA FONTANELLA? Created in two neighbors, city in the interior of Parana, the namesake brand’s designer Cynthia Fontanella appeared in 2011. Despite the young age, she has recognized identity and is marketed in several Brazilian States. Specializing in the creation and development of party dresses which are almost handmade, the brand presents high-quality parts and impeccable details by currently about 30 employees. It is a good choice for retailers who are looking for a brand new which is full of refinement and sophistication.

With pieces that cherish the authenticity, uniqueness and amount of detail, the brand CYNTHIA FONTANELLA is appreciated by many famous and important fashion bloggers. Whether in red carpets of prestigious events, in sets, television programs or to illustrate articles about the daily lives of the famous, the dresses in CYNTHIA FONTANELLA have appeared in a variety of silhouettes of actresses and models like Barbara Evans, Carol Castro, Monique Alfradique Sthefany Brito and Bruna Majmudar. No wonder that the designer has earned recognition in such a short time! Although only three years later, Cynthia Fontanella has already become one of the most renowned designers of fashion party in the south of the country. In addition to launching their collections in the halls of business and fashion events, like the Parana Business Collection, the designer also works with customized creations in her Studio where she holds wishes in the form of dresses for the most important occasions. It is a dress that every woman deserves. We are increasingly love the summer dresses from CYNTHIA FONTANELLA and we are sure that you will not resist the talent of such a brilliant designer.