D-Link 7-Port USB Hub

This USB Hub allows you to connect all your USB 2.0 devices on one port of your PC. This avoids connecting a multitude of devices directly on the PC’s USB ports at the risk of damaging them for example.

Its size reduced and its many ports make it a master choice for the astronomer wanting to use the most common accessories in this area (planetary camera, guide camera, mount, engine tune-up, manager of heaters, weather station, dome, etc…).

We chose this HUB because there are many offers on the market, and this model corresponds to the compatibility and reliability of amateur astronomers enterme expectations.

This hub 7 ports USB 2.0 can provide electricity the USB devices connected (USB hard drives, for example) through the integrated power source. This feature gives the USB hub its dimension of truly portable solution. Click here to buy: eusbhubs.com.

Compatible with all USB standards
The hub DUB – H7 works with any USB 2.0 device and guaranteed compatibility with the USB 1.1 standard. It is compatible with OHCI (Open Host Controller Interface) and EHCI (Enhanced Host Controller Interface) standards.

Quick charge devices 
When the DUB – H7 is Fast Charge mode, two ports (black color) Fast-Charge provide a stronger (1.2 A) charge current to connected devices. So it is ideal to load devices big energy consumers, like the iPad®, including the battery high capacity requires a high charge current to recharge quickly. You can also plug the greediest USB astronomical devices.

Recharge and simultaneous synchronization of the iPad 
If you have an iPad, you know that you can sync it with your computer by plugging it into a USB port, but you can not enjoy to load. DUB – H7 is accompanied by a Windows application (downloadable from www.dlink.eu) which allows you to charge your iPad AND synchronize it with your computer.DUB – H7 is therefore ideal for travellers and mobile workers because it avoids having to carry around the charger for the iPad.

Solution for your needs 
The DUB – H7 hub can be connected in cascade so that we have additional USB 2.0 ports. A series configuration accommodates up to 5 hubs for a total of 127 ports available.

Universal solution 
The hub DUB – H7 works with any Windows, Mac or Linux system. Your computer will detect the USB hub and install the drivers automatically, so you don’t have to carry the drivers on a CD or a key.

  • Compatible PC and Mac
  • Windows 7/8/Vista/XP/2000-SP4
  • The Hub dimensions: 104 x 63 x 29mm
  • 7 ports USB “A” (for connection to devices)
  • 1 port USB “B” (for connection to PC)
  • 1 standard power port


  • HUB 7 ports USB D-Link 1
  • 1 block power supply 5V DC 2.5 A
  • 1 USB 2.0 cable type “A” to “B” of 1.80 m
  • Connection of power: 5,5 x 2,1mm standard