Daily Face Care: Clean Makeup

A skin full of beautiful and health can only be achieved with some daily care, among them a good cleaning. This cleaning is especially important in women who use make-up, it is essential to clean the skin in depth before bed in order to remove any residues of dirt.

Then, we show you how to do the cleaning of the makeup, step by step, to get a clean and luminous skin.

Check out the tips!

Face Cleaning

  • First, start by holding the hair with a headband that don’t spoil the or go to the face.
  • Then, start by removing the rimmel eyelashes. You can choose to use some cotton soaked in a specific cleaning product for the eyes or cleansing lotion. A small cotton swab soaked in eye make-up Remover lotion is also very effective to remove the rimmel. Keep in mind that if the rimmel is waterproof, so you should use a product to clean makeup of this type.
  • Then at the removal of eyelashes makeup on eyelids. Remove eye shadows passing smoothly through the eyelids a little cotton wool soaked in cleansing product (again we recommend the products for eyes, because they are more gentle and effective in the eyes).
  • Pour a little cream or cleansing milk in the Palm of your hand and distribute by the face. Don’t forget to spend in areas like the nose, Chin and lips, often forgotten.
  • Gently massage the skin with cleansing cream. Start doing the massage for neck, with smooth movements and ascendants.
  • With your fingertips go up to the forehead. At this stage it is necessary to have some care in the eye area, zone very sensitive and prone to irritation. Massage gently with the cleansing milk or cream in the direction of the eyes to the nose.
  • With index fingers massage and rub your chin, because this area is usually more oily, and is particularly conducive to the appearance of dark spots.
  • After the total massage face now is the step to remove the traces of cream or lotion. Do it using simple paper towels or clean cotton. Start at the Chin, at the bottom, and climb to apples from the rest. Finish with the cleaning of the forehead.
  • Pass a tonic on the face to remove all remnants of dirt, make-up or cleansing cream. You should apply it with a clean cotton piece.
  • Finish the cleanup step with hydration of the skin, in order to let it more soft and smooth. A good moisturizer will help conserve the natural humidity of the skin.