Dancewear, the Must-Haves for Small Flats

Fashion girls Dancewear: here’s what can not fail in the closet of a baby dancer, all the must-haves of tiny dancer! From complete workout clothes for performances, here’s the wardrobe of perfect étoile!

Girls who love dance develop soon a very particular aesthetic sense, where fashion plays a privileged role. Usually the different dance styles mingle and influence and, often, a child is not dedicated to a style, at least in the beginning. That’s why his wardrobe from a dancer must accommodate other heads, can give you convenience and comfort during workouts and performances of the shows, but also the chic style that only the dance can give. The mothers of the dancers know this: the eye wants its part for them, especially when they dedicate themselves to a strict specialties as classical dance.

The must haves of small flats, therefore, cover all the various kinds of dance. For the Ballet can not miss the tulle skirt, Tutu ballet shoes with leather and linen, at least 40 denier tights, stockings and a cardigan wrap cardigans, all possibly pink! This shade, along with a small part of black and white, represents the most used in this discipline.
For performances by Caribbean dance or Latin Americans, however, the sequins will be featured, along with feathers, fringe and bright colors. These performances are usually very upbeat and plays, then the clothes must be in keeping with the spirit of the dance.

The modern and contemporary dance often has very common outfit, from jumpsuits to cheap sundresses, but the boss you can’t miss is the dance pants, to be matched with a top comfortable supporting the first forms. Especially in puberty, in fact, protect the breast while practicing sports, using Bras fit.
As for the shoes, each discipline, as seen, has its. In General, however, a shoe with heel for Caribbean dance (preferably gleaming) and a pair of tap shoes, will complete the wardrobe of baby ballerina. Don’t forget the colorful leg warmers and the ghosts by dancer, created specifically for dance, which protect better the foot from fatigue. Important the training suits, like tights, breathable and coordinated suits top and shorts.