Date Sneakers Review

I know the brand DATE? It is a brand of sneakers very interesting and it is having really happened! I was very impressed with the summer collection, available in three different models for three different needs.. and holidays! Yes, because if you’re like me you know that on the road for holidays, which are in European capitals, to the sea to find out not only spaggie but also art and history, or in the mountains, the sneaker is the footwear that should never miss our feet to stay comfortable. If in the mountains and in some European cities the problem “too-hot-to-the-trainers” does not arise, this can happen in the seaside town. But DATE has thought of everything!


Among the summer models of footwear DATES one I liked most is definitely the DATE espadrilles, footwear perfect for the holidays! They have the sole and also the shape of Espadrilles but are tied as a sneaker. The heel is reinforced and rope sole is combined with bottom conveniently to increase the comfort! Ideal for walking inc omodità without suffering from the heat!


The passion DATES are available in both high ankle version that low (a bit ‘like the Converse) and are designed for the toughest hikes because they are equipped with a micro-perforated upper for letting the feet breathe and a more robust sole.


The last summer model presented by DATE is the Basic Low, suede sneakers perfect for the city and that can be worn really getting in my free time. The variety of colors particularly impressed me!