Decorating with Romantic Wall Sticker

Willingness to modernize its wall? It has a corner in need of a makeover and you live rent? Wall stickers are its allies. Easy to install and very economical, they can be a practical change that you seek. wall stickers are in various patterns and styles, including romantic stickers that are perfect to bring the desired warmth to love and eternal lovers of the delicacy of this style.

Romantic adhesive can also compose ephemeral decorations, and great for special occasions such as engagement parties, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day or simply to contribute a surprise to those who you love, after all, love has no set date, not really?

Romantic stickers can both have inspiration in romantic decoration as a panel in pastel colors and flowers, as having prints that remind the world of love – with a little creativity, balloons, hearts, flowers and even the Eiffel Tower can join the team the romantic adhesives. If the idea is to apply an adhesive for a special occasion, search romantic bumper double room, with prints that refer to fellowship and life together.

You can also install the romantic sticker on the fridge and surprise your or your partner’s subtle and delicate way, and adds a charming touch to an appliance that is not always noticed.

Installation Tips and Removal

Wall stickers, and bumper refrigerator , are very simple to install. But before leaving pasting the sticker on the wall first to see, pay attention to the visual balance of the environment. The adhesive should preferably take up a plain wall, where there is still no pictures or posters. So romantic stickers will not “fight” with the rest of the accessories, and leave the custom wall just right.

Before gluing romantic adhesives, check that the surface is smooth, it is clean, dry and free from residues as fat or wax, which may prevent the bonding process. Start the application wings and use a spatula to remove air bubbles that will be formed. On average, decorative stickers last for three months without taking off or peel, but you can find more durable options on the market.

For cleaning, use dry cloth or vacuum cleaner. Eventually clean romantic sticker with a cloth moistened with water only. Avoid using cleaners and abrasives. For removal of romantic adhesives, use a sharp object to take off the ends and gently pull the rest of the product. Use a damp cloth to remove any residue left by the adhesive and ready, your wall is ready to receive romantic stickers , printed, retro or what you decide!