Dell XPS 12 in the Practice Test

Butts, click, type: the Dell XPS duo 12 touch screen with Windows 8 is transformed in an instant by the Ultrabook in a tablet.

Dell XPS 12: First impression

The very first impression surprisingly, although different than you think: the XPS 12 is surprisingly heavy for a 12.5 inch Ultrabook with 1.5 kilograms. There’s apparently still reduction potential in the development of Ultrabooks convertible design.

With the XPS, Dell is 12 on proven, durable materials: the grip, carbon-fibre-reinforced outer skin is convinced already at the Dell XPS 13, liked the combination with light aluminium in the frame at the Dell Inspiron 14z. As far as the XPS 12 has outwardly so much with its predecessors community. Similarities with the noble XPS 13 consist of magnesium, which surrounds the spacious keyboard and touchpad with Matt Black Interior.

Scratch-resistant Gorilla glass covers the screen together with the edge, a 1.3-megapixel webcam with two microphones hidden in the. But no switch. He sits with the all Ultrabook on the side, where he can be reached as well as the volume control in any operating mode.

A gentle pressure against the top of the screen, and the four magnetic Snapper in the machine-milled aluminum frame give the display. Turning it 180 degrees, it re-engages with a quiet click. Voila! It’s so elegant.

However, caution is required in everyday life: who often uses his notebook at the edge of the display or wearing around here it supports, should change his habits – there is not a lock. During normal use is also unnecessary, since folded as a Tablet the unit is stable: display and body form a unit, visually by the seated together metal edges, as well as by the construction. The hinge holds that prevents, while lifting the display slightly against – that is the cover of alone opens. As a Tablet, the XPS 12 makes a solid impression.

The contrast is very bright with 366 cd/m2 the WLED high 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution touchscreen, excellent. The IPS Panel ensures loss-free images from many angles, you even apart from the reflections on the reflective display. The touch screen responds quickly and movements is liquid. For the chips not least responsible, which plug into the Interior of the Ultrabooks.

In our previous series device sits on a core i7 processor Intel’s HD-4000 chip set graphics, online store, you can however only the XPS 12 configure with a core i5 chip. The image rotates automatically when you turn the tablet.

The auto rotation can be disabled but a side switch. Our test model sometimes revealed a certain life of its own, by which persistently opposed the rotation or tipped the folded screen to portrait mode, did – with a certain confidence in the production of the final product – our joy at the new gadget no demolition.

Windows 8 Pro is installed on the XPS 12. This latest addition to the Microsoft operating system offers full touchscreen support. The additional surface for operation with your fingers or a stylus was originally under the name Metro style known. Meanwhile, Microsoft no longer uses this name for trademark reasons.

But don’t worry: The familiar desktop exists in a slightly modified form as before. Between the two surfaces you can in notebook mode with the Windows Start button switch back and forth, in the Tabletmodus that goes with a particular Windows button at the bottom of the display.

As normal tablets at a virtual keyboard pops up on the touch screen when needed is. The dream all those also on the tablet like and much write, meets with the always present hardware keyboard, which is easily available and the Tablet back in a high-quality Ultrabook turns.

Dell XPS 12: Facilities

+ HD-4000 chip set graphics + core i7 processor + high-quality HD display + webcam

Dell XPS 12: Operation

+ Ultrabook and tablet in a + input option for hand-finished sketches on the touch screen + scratch-resistant Gorilla glass + high low noise level thanks to SSD-Ultrabook typical switching and switch-off times weight of 1500 grams

Dell XPS 12: Buy or wait?

In practice – between desk and sofa – the Ultrabook-Tablet combination has the potential to the constant companion. Who needs a laptop and would like to have a Tablet, which perhaps sets the hammer next to his piggy bank. Because with prices starting from 1199 euro 12 XPS is no artsy.



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