Dell XPS 13: High-Tech Housing Made Of Gorilla Glass, Carbon Fibre And Aluminium

Design karbonverstärktes housing
The design of the XPS 13 is strongly based on the macbook air. A distinction, however, is the carbon gain. The dell XPS 13 is a material mix display cover made of aluminium and carbon fibre on the underbody. The display is hidden behind a pane of glass that extends to the edge of the lid and covered also the display frame. Although the narrow lid can compete not quite with the model apple macbook air 13, is gratifying but that no sharp edges can be found. The construction is very stable. The lid doesn’t yield to slight movements and the notebook can access without any problems at only one corner, whether on the palmrest or on the display. Like the macbook air, the battery not by the user can be replaced with the XPS 13. The battery loses power, must the specialist ran.

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Models an intel sandy bridge processor is responsible – depending on the 1.7 ghz-zweikerner core i7 fürs computing-2637 M or core i5-2467 M with two cores at 1.6 ghz. To get four gigabytes of memory and an SSD with 128 or 256 gigabytes.

XPS 13: The first ultrabook von dell

6 views first impressions of the XPS 13 performance
in the XPS 13 dell opts for the second smallest processor of the i7 series intended for ultrabooks. The i7-2637 M chip has two cores, as well as a basic clock rate of 1.7 gigahertz. Thanks to the famous turbo technology this can be raised to up to 2.8 ghz. The XPS 13 currently creates the highest pace of work, under comparable ultrabooks, – slim and beautiful: Ultrabooks in test – ultrabook test: These chic notebooks are good and coveted. However it was thereby also pretty hot: Fan output of carbon fiber subfloor heated it to 40 degrees on up to 60 degrees celsius which can very uncomfortable.

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Flash turned on

XPS 13 boot in just eight seconds, and the wake from sleep mode start only takes a second (four seconds by the deep-sleep mode) thanks to solid state hard drive and intel’s rapid technology.

No game device

The XPS 13 models due to the humble intel HD 3000 graphics solution are not suitable to play. Enough to play for example, starcraft 2 is still fast. The integrated graphics core but not smoothly creates more sophisticated games. The graphics unit is hardly for more demanding tasks suitable.

Overview: Ultrabooks are the ultra thin notebooks equipmentalso limits the number of connections dell to a minimum: There are only two USB ports (once USB 3.0), a mini displayport as well as an audio jack available. However, it is annoying that dell dispenses with an ethernet port. Thus you can access networks only through wi-fi, which fortunately will spark in networks with 2.4 and 5.0 ghz. With smartphones and other hardware that communicates dell bluetooth 3.0. A card reader is missing. The SSD with effectively 238 gigabyte offers plenty of space

Display: Large image

Now follow dell: The XPS 13 has very narrow screen surrounds. So, the manufacturers despite a housing width of 13 inches could reach a screen size of 13.3 inches. Behind scratch-resistant gorilla glass is a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, there should be more in there. The greatest shortcoming is the highly reflective surface of the screen but so can interfere with reflections in the work and film shows. Even at low ambient light, the backlight must be sought to compensate for reflections. The display also suffers from weak contrasts what colors are always a little washed out look can be.

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55 devices leaderboard: Ultrabooks keyboard and touchpad
you know the keyboard with the XPS 13 used already by many other dell notebooks. A highlight is the backlit keyboard, which work even late at night not is complicated by letter search. The touchpad hakelt. A new driver for the touchpad largely accomplishes remedy initially inaccurate control. It can now fairly precise scrolling with two fingers. Is the detection of yesterday with up to four fingers apply.

The consumption and emissions are the flip side of the performance. The high-tech device lasted 3 hours and 41 minutes with a single battery charge. The notebook in the playtest last very much shorter. With starcraft 2 be a play-through of just less than two hours, before the ultrabook was back on the power supply.

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Good sound

under the buttons located the two speakers that convey to each other just as a stereo sense despite the proximity. The notebook can output sounds loud. In the light of the low available space, a tinny sound is unavoidable. Overall, the sound is but quite well.


dell uses the XPS 13 on windows 7 home premium in the 64-bit version with service pack 1. Add all sorts of tools and programs come, for example, to create backups or updating drivers. For security, mcafee’s security center provide. Should technology visions – the strokes of genius by tomorrow.

Conclusion: Dell XPS 13

Dell had much time with his first ultrabook and created a device that looks good with the XPS 13 first and foremost. Were it not the reflective display, the heat problems and the haklige touchpad, would secure the dell ultrabook one recommendation worth.

Test conclusion: What you should know

With its core i7 processor, the XPS 13 managed a high pace of work. However, it was this also pretty hot: At the fan outlet of the carbon fibre of casing soil, it warmed up to 40 degrees which can be very uncomfortable. The SSD with effectively 238 gigabyte provides sufficient space. Glass coating: The touchpad has a surface coated with glass and responds accurately to finger touches. Annoying: The screen is very strong, so that reflections work and movie watching can interfere with. Per order this product on amazon very sturdy housing of high-quality materials fast SSD good battery life contra specular display no ethernet port no analog graphic output strong heat development test note of editor 2.51 satisfying user rating now alternative review: Apple macbook air.

So far only one in to be able to provide good drivers for touchpad with integrated buttons such as the macbook air seems. This is apple and works only on mac OS X. Windows is not yet succeeded also apple to develop a good driver.