Demi Moore Zac Posen

Demi Moore is dangerously thin , the beautiful Hollywood actress is in crisis with young husband Ashton Kutcher, came out yet another betrayal, duly paparazzi and should not be easy for her to live this situation to come with the world press that the pointing the finger at him. When you are a ‘actress famous enjoys many privileges but unfortunately there is also the flip side, already the private life is hard to win, especially when we are in the midst of scandals like this is almost impossible.

Today we see Demi Moore at the premiere of the film “Margin Call” in New York in the company of fellow Zachary Quinto, Stanley Tucci, Simon Baker and Kevin Spacey. Ashton Kutcher has betrayed her again and she will certainly be a bad time, it appeared emaciated and neglected is really skinny, I think at historic lows. Demi Moore wearing a Zac maxi dress from the new collection of Smber, and something a midi dress, longer than a traditional length dress, but that one can not define long.

The dress is decorated with a red print animal with cleavage very chastened and “V” and short sleeves. Demi still carries the faith so it is said that Ashton Kutcher is ending it all, that we are close to divorce, we must see what will decide to do, if you forgive him or not, certainly if he has the bad habit it will only get worse. the shoes you wear are beautiful, the Kasha pumps by Brian Atwood black suede heeled illuminated by white crystals.