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I’m in love with jeans, but I’m close to 40 years and I’m afraid to stay with a very juvenile. Use or not use? Help me, gurias! Joshua-Porto Alegre-RS

Hi, Joshua. All right?! His doubt reflects that of many women, that pass through the same point. Age is not exactly a usage limiter of some kind, although there are some restrictions that come naturally with the passage of years, like the micro comprimentos or the great pieces glued together, things they wear much better a young lady, even for the sake of both short and fair, not interacting much with elegance, desire first of a woman from a certain age. Therefore, using certain common sense, almost nothing is forbidden, because people are increasingly young, well with your body and your beauty, which is fundamental to use a clothing: feel comfortable with her. Do you feel comfortable with a jumpsuit? Here’s the first question. If Yes, try to choose a more sophisticated, in their escape to traditional molds, or, if you opt for a standard model, combine with impressive accessories such as high heels, a glamorous shirt, a striking necklace. Without doubt, this combination between the simplicity of the jeans and the refinement of the cut or accessories will work a visual more suited to a woman of style. See our suggestions! And enjoy!

Hello girls, I’m going to photograph the wedding of a friend, the ceremony will be at City Hall in the morning, and then the night there will be a dinner. Will be the day may 2, so it’s likely to be chilly. I’m a guest, a friend and the only photographer, I need to use something comfortable so I don’t get bored. I’m tall and skinny. I look forward, thank you! Denise-Ivaté-PR.

Hi, Denise! All right. Your situation is quite unique, huh?! You need to be beautiful and comfortable, since you will be working and needs enough mobility. Cancermatters indicates why too fancy jumpsuit, a wide, that is elegant, comfortable and wears well all silhouettes. You can choose a black or colored model – worth up to print. Combine with a t-shirt or a tank top, fabric like silk or crepe, with some detail, see a collar-lace, embroidery, a transparency in the lap. A tip is also coordinating with a luxurious fabric t-shirt noble also, more structured, with a big and imposing. Looks great! In case of cold, use a third piece, like a blazer or a trenchcoat unstructured silk or a Cardigan with glow wire. Is simple, exquisite, timeless. Feet, heels and more full-bodied, which provide a woman stability. It may even be a sandal that can be used with half if the cold is a problem. Good party! And good job.